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July 27, 2013

Trayvon Martin, Rex Hudler, KCI

The jury has spoken and found that the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman had malice or racism in his heart or even a reckless disregard for Trayvon Martin’s life when he shot the teenager. The Justice Department should now butt out.
Trayvon Martin killing

The jury has spoken and found that the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman had malice or racism in his heart or even a reckless disregard for Trayvon Martin’s life when he shot the teenager.

The Justice Department should now butt out. This trial was no racist concoction of the pre-civil rights era South. It was found by the jury not to be a hate crime.

The Justice Department has no business extending this divisive national agony by adding its own investigation to the mix.

Larry and

Cynthia McCallister

Overland Park Unending campaign

Much has been written concerning John J. Rizzo’s victory over Will Royster in the 2010 Democratic primary in Missouri’s 19th District.

Both Mr. Rizzo’s relatives pleaded guilty to illegally voting in a jurisdiction they don’t reside in so their nephew could hold a state office. Instead of looking at the results of their actions, I think we should have concerns about the inability of the state to uphold Mr. Royster’s charge of voter fraud while the federal government was able to ascertain there was. Why didn’t Missouri find the fraud?

Mr. Rizzo’s relatives lived in Gladstone, so couldn’t the voting rolls have been verified when the election hung by a single vote and at least two votes were illegal? Who was the judge who determined there was no fraud, and how did he make that judgment?

We should hold the state accountable for its failure to correct this betrayal of the voters.

Joseph Quinn

Kansas City President and race

The president’s wrong comments on race were nothing more than food for the hate groups (7-20, A1, “Obama opens up on race”).

Homer Watts

Raytown Steve Rose column

In Steve Rose’s July 21 column, “An immigration solution to please both sides,” he posits the following compromise to get House Republicans on board for immigration reform: Turn 11 million undocumented people into a permanent legal underclass with no pathway to citizenship.

His reasons? They tend to have a long memory and vote Democratic.

But how about some other compromises to get the tea party on board? Let’s repeal the 14th Amendment. That takes care of African-Americans who vote Democratic.

How about repealing the 19th Amendment? That’ll take care of women who vote Democratic.

Don’t stop there, House Republicans. Repeal the 26th Amendment and raise the voting age to 36. That’ll disenfranchise all those pesky younger voters who tend to vote Democratic.

Let’s see, that will leave older white guys to vote. Wait a minute, weren’t they the group that voted in 1790? Now you’re talkin’ compromise, Steve.

Pete Henderson

Basehor Horse plants

It makes perfect sense to have a market for horse meat. What do most people know about horses? How many people take care of or work with horses? Not many.

For every horse born and raised to earn its keep by racing or working in rodeos or show competitions, there are many that don’t make it.

It only makes horse sense to recoup some of the expense from the beasts that do not succeed. Otherwise, you may see many horses starving without care.

Horses for profit can’t become pets. Don’t give these horses names, just numbers. It is like anything else. If you want good products, somebody has to pay.

Rudolph E. Haston

Independence Royals, Rex Hudler

There’s only one reason the Royals make us endure announcer Rex Hudler. They hate us.

Lin Sullivan

Grandview KCI is traveler-friendly

Our recent vacation took us from Kansas City International Airport to Philadelphia and then to Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Naples’ Capodichino Airport and then to Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London ending up back in Kansas City.

Being in our late 70s, we found KCI to be the only airport that was traveler friendly and not taxing to us physically. We walked miles in Heathrow, even after asking for assistance, which never happened. The trip from security to the gate took more than 40 minutes.

Traipsing around airports to find luggage and changing terminals was exhausting and physically taxing.

As we were struggling to our gate at Heathrow, I realized that none of these facilities was designed for the traveler.

In Naples, you actually had to go through the duty-free shop to get to your gate. Philadelphia, Heathrow and Gatwick were shopping malls with gates dispersed throughout.

I go to an airport for one reason, to get to my destination. I do not want to shop or dine in a gourmet restaurant after going through the security experience.

Leave KCI alone. It is the last major airport designed for the traveler.

Larry Bilotta

Kansas City Exceptional U.S.

The United States government and many of our citizens must realize that our Constitution is the result of the European Age of Enlightenment, which moved government out of the control of a religion-backed monarchical system into the hands of the people.

It cannot be required to be adopted as is by countries we want as allies.

There are huge divides, many at present insurmountable, in the world today: religions seeking world domination, economic systems vying for control of countries, governmental systems that may mirror ours to some extent or not, cultures with traditions that go far into the past.

We cannot continually depend upon the old saw “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Our unique and exceptional system is the result of circumstances beginning almost 800 years ago and culminating into today’s society.

Let it be a model, not a demand.

John Nelles

Shawnee Protect Current River

I don’t know what I enjoy more: swimming in a clear, spring river or in a murky, E. coli-infested dump. It’s a difficult decision.

The Current River, Missouri’s spring-fed river gem, is one of the 10 most-endangered rivers in America.

The National Park Service, which is responsible for managing the Current River, is doing nothing to protect it, doing nothing to prevent erosion caused by ATVs and doing nothing to stop E. coli contamination that is killing wildlife and poisoning our drinking water.

If we do not act now, the Current River will be lost forever.

At this moment, the National Park Service is deciding on a new 20-year management plan. A number of our representatives have requested fewer regulations for the sake of temporary ease and enjoyment.

I urge these representatives to demand tougher restrictions for the Current River, lest this temporary enjoyment be more temporary than intended.

Alexander Parker

St. Peters, Mo. Kiwanis response

The world seems to have no answers to many problems. However, Kiwanis has the answer for an ancient illness — maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Kiwanis has joined with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to provide worldwide vaccination for women. For pennies per person, the blood infection, which attacks nerves and muscles and causes wrenching contortions and eventually lung failure, can be stopped.

The name of the program is Project Eliminate.

Bob Burleson of the Kiwanis Club of La Canada, Calif., is riding a motorcycle more than 12,000 miles in the KURE Ride 2013 to raise money.

He started on Memorial Day and is to finish Labor Day. He will visit Kiwanis clubs in all 50 states and in 76 cities. On Monday and Tuesday, he will be in Kansas City and Independence.

For $110 million, this form of tetanus can be erased. This would save 60,000 babies each year from a tortured death. The goal is to immunize 100 million mothers.

To join Kiwanis in fighting tetanus, contact the Blue Valley Kiwanis, Project Eliminate, 6618 Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo., 64126.

Some problems do have answers. By working together, we can build the world we want.

Mark D. Wasserstrom

Kansas City

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