Local police control, Egypt, energy flaws

07/07/2013 5:00 PM

07/05/2013 11:31 PM

Local police control

The Star and many civic leaders continue to advocate for local control of the Kansas City Police Department. Why?

The only argument given is that Kansas City ranks No. 10 nationally in violent crimes. Do the nine more violent cities have local control of their police departments?

What are the other arguments in favor of local control? What are the arguments against local control? Would local control result in more interference by City Council members on behalf of constituents?

How would the governing body of the police be selected under local control? If by the mayor, what is the significant difference, if any, between appointment by the governor and by the mayor?

Would the members of any governing body be elected? That hasn’t worked out too well for the school district. Has anyone polled the police officers on which they prefer?

These questions should all be debated before any decision is made.

Reggie Giffin

Kansas City Egyptians’ dilemma

The Egyptians’ insistence upon democracy has just demonstrated that it cannot be controlled by religion. Long live separation of church and state.

Lloyd Hellman

Leawood Fewer abortions

A July 4 letter reminded us that without Planned Parenthood to provide safe abortions we would have many more children living in poverty, homeless, abused, abandoned and hungry.

Planned Parenthood has its own solution to these problems. If its clients would only avail themselves of the contraceptives it provides, Planned Parenthood could solve these problems and have something else it wants: rare abortions.

Mary Bognich

Overland Park Foundations aid KC

I see where the City of Fountains Foundation is seeking contributions to repair Kansas City’s crumbling fountains — something the city should have been doing all along.

If that effort is successful, will more foundations soon be established seeking money to help the city? Could there be a City of Sewers Foundation and City of Bridges Foundation?

Bruce Erickson

Lee’s Summit Obama is no Truman

One of the things that made Harry S. Truman popular as a president was that he accepted responsibility for what his cabinet members, advisers and other appointed officials did. I have not heard one word from President Barack Obama accepting responsibility in the issues that are overtaking us.

Those include spying and confiscating records of the “free press” to find government leaks, giving permission to delve into our private communication to catch nonexistent terrorists (Obama just said the war on terror has been won), bullying people with different opinions by auditing tax records (that’ll teach them for having different opinions), lying about what really happened in Benghazi and trafficking guns to Mexico and getting one of our own killed.

OK, if he didn’t know about this stuff, why didn’t he? Who is running the White House? It seems maybe U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Internal Revenue Service.

Patricia Sargent

Raymore U.S. energy flaws

Once again, the Obama administration has proved itself tone deaf to the energy needs of the American people by lacing his desire to appease the radicals of the eco-left ahead of the security and economic needs of the nation.

Clean, abundant coal with the thousands of jobs it created was the first casualty. Now the Keystone XL pipeline continues to be held hostage by the administration despite empirical evidence of the safety and viability of the project.

It would appear that on the food chain of political priorities, the welfare of the nation ranks behind a minority of environmental radicals who view us and our energy needs as an impediment to their extreme agenda. All it would take is the stroke of the president’s pen and Keystone with all its benefits would become a reality.

Gregory H. Bontrager

Hutchinson, Kan. Animal shelter aid

Mr. Troy Schulte, city manager: Please forward $15,000 to every animal shelter and animal rescue group within the Kansas City limits. It has been recently noted that verification and approval of monetary requests from the city manager’s office is not necessary nor returnable.

I shall expect this request to be approved immediately. The monies will be used for food, shelter and health care for homeless animals. It will not used for “entertainment” purposes.

Thank you for your consideration and prompt attention to this matter. Those in need will be awaiting your assistance.

Susan Golden

Kansas City Government failures

When a government program fails to produce its intended, promised results, it often is rewarded with a larger budget and greater control. When has this ever worked?

I don’t know about you, but in my life, if I fail to succeed at a given task I’m not given greater responsibility.

Examples of such ludicrous actions are welfare and education. The welfare state was promised to reduce poverty, yet poverty has increased.

What do we do as a nation? We grant the government greater authority to increase welfare programs and give them more of our tax dollars.

The government fails to educate our children, then responds by saying, “We need more money.” Then we grant it tax increases and more control of our schools.

Does this make any sense to you? The government has effectively failed, and we respond by increasing government’s budget and control.

I say it is time we become masters of our own destiny. We should now do the job ourselves, not hand the reins over to a bureaucracy that is a proven failure. It is time that we get back to a government that is by the people and for the people.

Andrew Frizzell

Independence Jazz musician dies

Kansas City lost one of its jazz greats on June 24. John Elliott was one of the finest pianists/educators in jazz.

He was the house pianist at the Kansas City Playboy Club in the 1960s and 1970s, accompanying greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Vaughn and Tony Bennett.

I studied jazz piano with John from 1979 through 1983. Taking this trombone-playing kid to a much higher jazz standards musician, he had perfect balance between patience and discipline.

My wife and I went to see John perform with his trio at the Penthouse Club in the Hyatt Regency in the early 1980s. His jazz sound was as elegant as one could ever experience.

Coming over to our table on break, he apologized for playing “Do The Hustle,” saying that management wanted some disco added. We sincerely told him it was the most beautiful version we had ever heard.

John, you will live on within us forever — through music appreciation and life in general.

Gene Frost

Merriam Northland Park

I had the pleasure of visiting Platte Ridge Park the other day for my granddaughter Savanna’s first birthday. What a wonderful facility.

Now that I know it’s here, my family will take the opportunity to visit it frequently.

Way to go, Platte County Parks Department.

Don Pickard

Kansas City Motorist Assist angel

I want to thank the person who was in the Motorist Assist truck on Interstate 435 and Interstate 70. He helped my wife after someone had sideswiped her and forced into the median.

The Motorist Assist person calmed her down and helped her get back on her way. I also would like to thank the person who forced her off the road.

I wish I could thank you in person but I know that will never happen because you did not stop to see what happened to my wife or the damage you caused.

I would also like to thank the other motorists who did not stop even though they saw the accident. No one stopped.

I hear about the Kansas City people and how caring and giving they are.

I guess it’s about writing a check for something in the comfort of their home but not about getting involved in an accident they have observed.

Rick Jurgens

Kansas City


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