Defense of Marriage Act, KC crime lab, voting rights

07/02/2013 5:18 PM

07/02/2013 5:20 PM

Thankful diversity

Contrary to perception, millions of Christians stand with the LGBT community in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that struck down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act. Millions of other Christians strongly oppose this ruling.

Many of those who disagree on this issue worship side by side without fear of losing the fellowship of one another. Instead of practicing litmus-test religion, these people are able to keep political issues separate from issues of faith.

Thank God for the diverse nature of our country and for places of worship where our differences don’t define us or our faith.

Jeff Combs


Wichita KC crime lab

I read the article in The Star about the downsizing of the crime lab (6-27, A1, “Budget cuts shrink plan for new crime lab in KC”).

This is why people do not trust elected officials. They promise the moon to get your taxes passed and backtrack afterward.

Why was the project federalized in the first place, if this would add costs? I thought that federalizing a project was supposed to bring in money or federal dollars.

Second, promising another community center tagged onto a police lab — bad idea in the first place. Really bad idea.

If you can’t sell something on its own merits, it’s not worth it. Adding three positions and filling the existing sixth in the crime lab over a 25-year period is enough? Really? In whose universe?

If it is not going to be done the way the council proposed in the first place, it doesn’t need to be done at all.

Save the taxpayers’ money and hire more police officers, because that is where we will be in 25 years — solving crime the old-fashioned way.

I hope that some good reporter will look into the whys much deeper. Because this smells.

Vicki Walker

Kansas City Tanking voting rights

June 25 will go down in modern American history as a sad day because of the historic decision by the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding voting rights for all Americans.

When the politicians in Alabama and Mississippi are shown on the evening national news praising this as “the time has come,” all of us should be shedding a tear for the memories of the brave hearts in Selma, Ala., so long ago, and the countless others of all races who demanded liberty for all at the ballot box.

The bells across America are pealing slowly and mournfully for this sad decision.

Ron J. Hoffman

Grandview Prioritizing children

Earlier this year, Gov. Jay Nixon announced his support and proposed a plan to improve child care and early education in Missouri. It was my honor to be a part of the governor’s first official meeting after his inauguration to discuss this issue.

And now I would like to say thank you to Nixon for living up to his commitment.

Last week, the governor announced a $400 million budget freeze on a number of state services to protect the state’s fiscal well-being should his veto of HB 253 be overturned (6-29, A1, “Funding freeze sets up clash”). Child care and early-education services have been protected from these cuts.

So again, thank Gov. Nixon for recognizing and believing in the importance of the early years and making Missouri’s youngest citizens a priority.

L. Carol Scott

CEO, Child Care

Aware of Missouri

St. Louis Know the Bible

Is the Bible irrelevant in today’s world? I wonder because I see people with a Bible but not reading it.

I see people quoting from the Bible but not including the adjacent verses that modify that quote. Some change Bible verses because they don’t like them, or they just ignore them.

Many preachers are teaching biblical love, which is good, but not teaching about sin and punishment, which is bad. And others accept secular ideals that go against biblical teaching.

Some people say they feel they are doing God’s will, but their actions do not conform to what is taught in the Bible. Those who do not read the Bible are subject to accept whatever is told to them.

Who knows more about God and what he wants than Jesus Christ and his disciples and apostles as written in the New Testament?

Roland Sneed

Blue Springs Steve Rose column

Steve Rose in his June 30 column, “Global warming is real — and we need Keystone,”

correctly states that global warming is real, but his support of the Keystone XL pipeline is wrong.

Rose claims the pipeline will make the country more energy independent. After transporting 800,000 barrels per day of its sludge to the Texas Gulf Coast for refining, TransCanada plans to ship the finished products to China. Being the middleman in the global sale of Canadian petroleum doesn’t make the U.S. energy independent.

Rose next wrongly claims environmentalists oppose the pipeline because it confirms our addiction to fossil fuels. Environmentalists oppose the pipeline because it will send the dirtiest fossil fuel known to man within spilling distance of the Ogallala Aquifer, the single most important source of water for several high plains farming states.

Rose further endorses the pipeline by stating that it will put thousands of people to work. A recent State Department study concluded that construction jobs would be short-lived.

Once built, pipeline operations and maintenance will require an estimated 35 permanent and 15 temporary positions. Long-term, the pipeline will have “negligible socioeconomic impacts.”

Given the extremely dirty nature of the tar sands sludge, Rose’s support for a project that will worsen man-made global warming makes no sense.

Tom Grimaldi

Kansas City Dropped loyalty

Through all the dropped calls, all the conversations I could barely hear, paying for 4G and getting 3G 90 percent of the time, paying for unlimited service and not being able to get service in many buildings, I have stuck with Sprint because it is the hometown cellphone service.

When the Sprint sale is completed, I will consider my journey with Sprint finished and will seek a more reliable carrier for my cellphone service.

James Stanley

Kansas City Pro-death penalty

Everyone in the world should know by now that the death penalty needs to be reinstated everywhere. There is no place in our world for mass murder.

My wife said all citizens must police each other, and the Ten Commandments should be in every public place. What would be wrong with that?

It seems the governments of our world are corrupt with greed and want to control honest taxpayers. If they are going to let all of the criminals go, we had better keep our guns loaded.

We must let our lawmakers know that we can’t afford them and the criminals among us, too, and we are keeping our guns.

William Leroy Elwood

Osceola, Mo. KCI must change

A couple of recent letters have said Kansas City International Airport is fine the way it is. One writer said she was confused going through the Phoenix airport. Convenience has been cited as a major factor in people wanting to keep KCI the way it is.

But whom is it convenient for?

The passengers who make it past security only to find they have to go outside it to smoke?

The ones who get off a plane hoping to make a connecting flight with the same airline and inadvertently go outside the gate area and have to go through security again? How about those who have a long wait because of delays and don’t like the food choices inside the gate?

Not only are many passengers inconvenienced, but they are often lost, puzzled and confused about how to get around the terminals.

The main problem here is, as I suspect it was with the Phoenix airport experience, not noticing the signs that give directions and other information.

I’ve been to the Phoenix airport and have gotten through it fine because I read the signs.

John Skelton


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