Obama vs. Truman, KCI, Robert Courtney case

06/14/2013 6:03 PM

06/14/2013 6:03 PM

Obama is no Truman

Harry S. Truman was the best Democratic president ever. His decisions were much more impressive than any others since we have been a republic.

Truman was there at the time to make the decisions that made him great. More important, he said, “The buck stops here,” and meant it.

Now we have a wishy-washy stumbler who takes credit for nothing except getting Osama bin Laden and is still blaming former president George W. Bush for any problem. There are many of us who knew of Truman, and some of us can still back Obama. Unbelievable.

Seizing Associated Press phone records is Bush’s fault as he signed the Patriot Act. Benghazi is Republicans’ fault as they cut funding for security.

The Internal Revenue Service scandal targeting tea party groups is the fault of overzealous lower-echelon workers and not driven by partisanship.

Fred Crosby

Belton Big KCI dreaming

Anyone who has walked the terminals can tell you that Kansas City International Airport is underused, with many gates sitting empty. After 11 p.m., the airport is a ghost town. Passenger activity has remained around 9.8 million since 2009.

The argument is that the hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds spent on a new terminal will be paid by airlines and passengers. That same ruse has been used for many projects, including the Power Light District.

In that case and the others, the city has had to spend millions of dollars of general revenue funds to cover the shortfalls. The mayor and council need to get their heads out of the clouds.

Randy Maddox

Kansas City Folly of new KCI

In answer to all who want a new airport terminal, get rid of half the security people. After about 50 years, we still will not break even on the cost.

I hope there are several restaurants so I can go there and pay to park. Don’t forget to put in plenty of shops.

Frank Thompson

De Soto Robert Courtney case

My mother was Georgia Hayes (6-6, A1, “Fairness questioned in drug-dilution settlement”). At the time of the trial, I was 15 years old.

Robert Courtney committed a heinous offense, and my mother chose to take the stand to pursue justice. She set an example with the utmost dignity and grace — for you, her fellow victims, and for us, her family. Money never entered the picture.

Robert Courtney ultimately took my mother’s life on Dec. 29, 2007. I’m 25 now, and it can still be a daily struggle.

But I’ve dealt with my grief and my anger about the situation in my own way. I’ve even faced Courtney in person.

I can promise you no amount of money can ever bring your loved one back or cure a disease. For those of you pursuing a case that has been closed more than a decade, I urge you to evaluate your distinction between justice and greed.

Justice prevailed when Courtney was put behind bars. We all deal with loss and hurt in our own way, but money will never heal the pain.

For those of us trying to move forward, please let bygones be bygones. In the words of my mother, “I hope you dance.”

Meckenzie Hayes

Columbia, Mo. Put America first

Why is it that we send lots of money overseas when we have people here going without? When we have a surplus, then and only then can any money be sent out of this country.

Nita Johnson

Butler, Mo. Diuguid column

Lewis Diuguid’s June 10 column, “Regaining lost ground in civil rights and the arts,” rambled on and on until the next-to-last paragraph nailed the key issue explaining the hope Jacqueline Chanda’s family instilled in her.

When the core family is strong and people have worth for themselves, everything is possible. When the core values are not taught, the whole process falls apart.

Self-worth and conviction to principles make a difference. We can stack laws and regulations from floor to ceiling, and it will not change people’s hearts.

The heart and soul of the human being make a difference. The weak can be led to bad situations. The strong and principled will forge their own path.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City Government cautions

Recent government “scandals” involving the Internal Revenue Service, Benghazi and The Associated Press can be explained by the overreaction of a growing government intrusion into the private lives, activities and agendas of anti-administration organizations.

A swelling number of government employees, some corrupt (General Services Administration), some obnoxious (Transportation Security Administration) and some vicious (Internal Revenue Service) are moving to squash any anti-administration action.

Not to worry, enforcement of your health care will be carefully carried out by the IRS. Good luck at the airport and avoid the GSA.

William H. Finnegan

Independence Government snooping

What is with all the anxiety over Big Brother? The citizens of the United States agreed to relinquish these rights with the approval of the ridiculous war on drugs and the creation of the prison industrial complex.

We jail more people per capita than any other nation. I believe it was Ben Franklin who said those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.

Homer Glasgow

Kansas City Shady school data

People should look a little closer at the information given out by their local school district.

While reviewing plattecountyr3facts.com, I found that several districts embellish accomplishments to make it look as if they are recipients of awards given to a small amount of schools when a majority of schools receive these awards based on very low academic standards for Missouri.

I found Platte County not only was using misleading award information but also financial information to make the district look better than it is. I was very surprised to find that our test scores at most schools were just average when the district has been telling us we have “high academic standards and results.”

We need to be able to trust the information given to us by the districts and our elected school boards. I suggest everyone start looking a little closer at the information given to you by your districts.

Kirby Holden

Platte City Lawyer’s intrusion

How can my definition of decency be so different than some lawyers?

My father recently died while in hospice. And who shows up hours before his death, in violation of the unit’s policy, but a lawyer. Rather than create a scene in a peaceful setting, I mistakenly allowed him to stay.

But after an hour of forced conversation that had nothing to do with my dad’s affairs, I asked that he leave. Two weeks later, included in the thousands of dollars of fees, were three billable hours for the lawyer’s intrusion.

When I requested an explanation, he told me he had the right to go anywhere anytime to see my dad, although all legal issues had been finalized. When I wrote a complaint to a partner in his firm, the partner told me he didn’t open it because he would charge me to read it.

When I asked the executor of my dad’s trust (another lawyer) if all this seemed right, I was told to be quiet because the lawyer might sue me for libel. Never mind the father-son relationship in my dad’s sorrowful final hours or that I had his power of attorney, decency didn’t matter.

It seems indecent.

Gene Fox

Lee’s Summit Regulate ATVs

Water, air, food, all-terrain vehicles. Can you find the one that doesn’t fit?

Three of the four are needed for survival. Our water, air and food are being threatened by illegal ATV use.

I’ve got nothing against ATVs until they cut through the trails and rivers in the Ozarks. They cause oil leaks and damage.

Missouri needs to protect our natural resources by urging the National Park Service to make stronger regulations on ATVs.

Alyse Opatowski

St. Louis


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