China, morning-after pill, guns

06/13/2013 6:17 PM

06/13/2013 6:17 PM

Move to China

Congratulations to Smithfield Ham and Farmland Foods on their sale to a Chinese corporation. Their local processing plant stinks up our otherwise pleasant south Kansas City residential neighborhood with a constant stench of smoke and noxious odors, making it impossible to open our windows to breathe fresh air.

As far as we are concerned, Farmland Foods could relocate its entire operation to China.

Sandra Rosalia

Kansas City Morning-after pill

I have been reading the articles about the debate over access to the morning-after pill (6-11, A1, “Obama drops fight over pill access”).

Some people who are interested in women’s reproductive rights want it to be available at drugstores without a prescription, even for children as young as 11.

Why do I disagree? This reason, it seems, has never been discussed — because of the potential for the drug to be used to cover up sexual abuse.

A pregnant child is not a small, promiscuous woman. She is a victim of abuse and/or poor parenting.

If a child is pregnant, without the pill she likely would see a physician or other health-care worker at some point. But if the abuser has access to this simple pill, he can avoid the prying eyes of a doctor or nurse and the abuse will be more likely to continue.

I think the best method of access would be to distribute the pill through Planned Parenthood and the health department, where a worker could observe the consumer swallowing the pill and could screen children for abuse.

Gina Coffman

Kansas City Veto state gun bill

What could be more insane than a bill meant to nullify federal legislation? That is what Missouri House Bill 436 does.

Because Gov. Jay Nixon was an attorney general, he must know this bill is unconstitutional. He has to veto this bill.

Besides being unconstitutional, it criminalizes law enforcement and protects criminals. This law must be stopped.

Gov. Nixon, please veto HB 436.

Joan Brannigan

Olivette, Mo. Cheerios TV ad

I am thinking the people going nuts over the Cheerios commercial that features a family consisting of a black dad, a white mom and a biracial child are the same people who have been hoarding guns and ammunition since Barack Obama became president (6-6, A10, “Cheerios stands by ad”).

Brian Shehan

Kansas City, Kan. Personal freedoms

The Benghazi cover-up, The Associated Press intimidation plan and the Internal Revenue Service scandal are just the latest overreaches taken by the current administration.

For years we have been sold transparency in government, but instead we have received the typical government heavy-handed cover-ups.

I was always afraid the Republicans would steal my rights and infringe on my freedoms, but it appears I was looking in the wrong direction. Progressive liberals seem to be the ones who want to tell me what is best for me, even if I don’t want to hear it.

You add in the efforts to tell me what size drinks I should have and the other behavior-modification efforts progressive liberals have undertaken, and it becomes clear a definite agenda is being pushed.

At least the Republicans seem to be fighting to allow me more personal freedoms. My own choice is clear.

William Gray

Overland Park Holy Convocation

The Free Church Diocese Annual Holy Convocation is fast approaching. We would like to extend ourselves in brotherly love and fellowship to you and your family.

According to Psalm 133, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

In that spirit, we are extending an invitation for individuals, their families and friends to join us during our National Holy Convocation, which will begin Sunday with the Father’s Day Quartet Musical and continue each night until June 21. Each evening service begins at 6:59 p.m.

The location of this year’s convocation is the Victory Way Church, 3023 Monroe Ave.

Catriese Johnson

Kansas City Political correctness

My personal feelings about the Washington, D.C., football team keeping its nickname is like the following cities changing theirs: Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta.

And this doesn’t include teams that have the same type of names in minor leagues and schools. This issue has been run through the ringer for years and will continue to be until they succeed in removing part of our history in each city.

It has been said that political correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds the proposition that it is possible to pick up waste matter by the clean end.

This statement holds truth to what this society has become. Political correctness run amok.

And until we throw down our own gauntlet, people and groups with questionable intentions will always prey on others with no backbone.

Nick Nicholson

Kansas City Rude concertgoers

I’ve been to several concerts where concertgoers are compelled to stand and get into the music. At the recent Styx, REO and Ted Nugent concert at Starlight, the person in front of me was the only one in our section to decide she was going to stand throughout the concert.

Starlight isn’t conducive to people standing and having people nearby or behind be able to see. It wasn’t just the back of her head blocking the stage, it was her backside, and she blocked people from seeing for several rows behind me.

I paid money to see the concert, not her backside, so I tapped her on the shoulder to ask her to sit down. Instead of apologizing for blocking my view, she started yelling at me over the music, most of her sentences containing the F-word.

Reflecting, this is just another sad statement on what seems to be acceptable in our society. If you pay money for a seat, it’s OK to be rude and inconsiderate.

I’m not perfect, but I wouldn’t think of standing through a concert unless the people behind me were, too, let alone scream the F-word into a stranger’s face.

Karen Green

Overland Park Simplify taxes

Income-tax simplification should be their No. 1 priority if members of Congress really want to create a fair, honest and efficient taxing system. Such a solution would make all the speeches, posturing and congressional hearings worthwhile.

The so-called Internal Revenue Service scandal might finally offer the excuse that politicians need to take action.

Kenneth Lee

Raytown Obamacare foes

House Republicans last month voted for the 37th time to try to repeal Obamacare, even though the Affordable Care Act has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

What is it the Republicans can’t stand about health reform, which four presidents from Harry S. Truman on have tried to implement?

Is it because 3 million students and young adults now are covered under their parents’ health insurance plan?

Is it because seniors are now saving more than $6 billion on their prescriptions? Or is it because health-care costs are just beginning to slow down?

Or is it just their consistency of opposition to anything that President Barack Obama favors? That seems to come closest to the truth.

Harold J. Schultz

Kansas City Good guys, guns

If we want to reduce school shootings, then irresponsible gun owners must be held accountable when their weapons are used to commit crimes.

There is no excuse for leaving weapons and ammunition where under-age or mentally challenged people have access to them.

If negligent gun owners were prosecuted and severely punished, you would see an increase in guns locked and stored properly.

Only then will you see a reduction in crimes. I know many gun owners, including myself, who keep their guns under lock and key.

Jim Klutts



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