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June 4, 2013

Limiting freedoms, climate change, Kansas conservatives

A number of letter writers have suggested that the weapons people should be allowed to possess be limited to what was in use when the Constitution was written. To be consistent, I assume they also believe that freedom of speech should not apply to recorded media, the airwaves and the Internet.
Limiting freedoms

A number of letter writers have suggested that the weapons people should be allowed to possess be limited to what was in use when the Constitution was written. To be consistent, I assume they also believe that freedom of speech should not apply to recorded media, the airwaves and the Internet.

Also, freedom of press should extend only to those using presses in use back then, not the massive high-capacity presses in use today. These writers are opining without reasoning out their positions. These certainly are not the type of people I want determining the limits on our freedoms.

John Roesler

Grandview Climate change quiz

I take issue with people saying climate change is happening and humans are the cause.

Scientists agree that there have been dozens and possibly hundreds of heating-cooling cycles on Earth. The scientists call them glacial and interglacial periods. We are currently in an interglacial period.

My question is relatively simple. If humans are causing the current heating cycle, then who caused all the others?

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill Kudos to mayor, KC

As a citizen of Kansas City and a member of the Human Rights Campaign — the nation’s leading lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender civil rights lobbying organization — and as an openly gay man, I want to express my gratitude and pride for the actions taken May 30 by Mayor Sly James and the entire City Council through the passage of Resolution 130439.

In expressing support for the Human Rights Campaign, pledging commitment to the active participation and progress toward social and legal equality of all people, and acknowledging a willingness to help this city achieve a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index (a feat achieved by St. Louis), they have put a bright light on the gracious, supporting and open-minded people of this city.

We need all of our local, state and federal leaders to have this kind of courage and to stand up and clearly state that discrimination because of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity or of any nature will no longer be tolerated.

Brian D. Larios

Kansas City Kansas conservatives

In their march to control all three branches of government, conservative lawmakers in Kansas have accused the Kansas Supreme Court of lacking philosophical diversity.

One can’t help wondering whether these conservatives comprehend the irony of their accusation or even understand the meaning of the word diversity. Apparently, to conservatives the word diversity means think like me. They would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous.

Janelle Ramsburg

Prairie Village Faith Walk column

Congratulations to Kevin Morris on a well-written June 1 Faith Walk column, “Remember less, but know more.” Your frustrations about having poor childhood recollections really hit home with me.

I, too, went through a time in my life when I didn’t have many childhood memories. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at retrieving them.

Perhaps it’s biological. My long-term memory is kicking in.

Or perhaps it’s because I’m not so busy with my career and children, and I have more time to reflect and allow the memories to ease back into my consciousness.

Also, you didn’t mention any siblings, but one thing my siblings and I decided to do was start a blog about our family life growing up. As we think of stories, we blog about them, and each of us can add contributions to flesh out what really happened. This has been a rewarding experience and brings us closer together

One last thing, Kevin: You drew me into your essay with those two initial paragraphs from your unfinished novel. It would truly be a shame if that book never got finished.

Please keep writing it. I’ll want to read it for sure.

Nola Bienhoff

Shawnee Legislative levity

Now that the Kansas legislative session is finally over, we’ll need to look elsewhere for entertainment. In my senatorial district, Mr. Jeff “Lower-Food-Tax-Make-’Em-Fat” Melcher provided entertainment but with the same logic as a box of rocks.

I suspect that the people who put Melcher into office wish they had elected Pat Colloton instead. She and the other moderate Republicans at least have common sense.

That’s much more than you can say for the people whom ill-informed voters put into office to spend our tax dollars during a prolonged session. And this was just to satisfy Gov. Sam Brownback’s delusional tax plan.

Be afraid of Brownie’s smoke-and-mirrors tax plan. It will benefit only the wealthy.

Don’t be surprised when your personal income tax is higher in the coming years.

Dale Thomas

Leawood Chastain’s train

The Missouri Supreme Court decided to hear our case challenging Kansas City’s heavy-handed action to block a vote on a valid light-rail initiative.

If the Supreme Court allows the voters to decide the fate of an initiative that 4,000 registered voters signed, it would be a victory for the people.

If the people go on to approve the transit initiative, it would be a victory for the city itself. A more democratic Kansas City built around a more modern transit system would become the catalyst that turns the city around.

Light-rail trains, commuter trains, streetcars, and Kansas City and Johnson County buses would converge at Union Station, transfusing the old depot with new life as well.

A new transit system that enables citizens to board a beautiful, quiet and fast-moving light-rail train at the airport and cruise to Zona Rosa, the central Northland, North Kansas City, downtown’s convention center, Power Light District, Sprint Center, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Union Station, Westport, the Plaza, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Brookside and Waldo without ever having to deboard to make a transfer is a transit system we should want.

Clay Chastain

Bedford, Va. Benghazi tragedy

Anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty can put two and two together on why the pathway to the truth on Benghazi has been littered with obfuscation, half-truths, lies and stonewalling.

The two people with the most to lose were most certainly accountable for horribly bad decisions that led to the slaughter of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012. They were President Barack Obama, in a tight political race where he was campaigning as having al-Qaida on the run, and president-in-waiting Hillary Clinton, who was attempting to garner international-affairs street cred as secretary of state to seal her shoo-in status as the Democratic nominee in 2016.

You have what should have been a very easy cover-up with a complicit press and a voting public that’s more concerned with the Kardashians than terrorism.

Recall that, after months of stonewalling, Hillary Clinton finally testified in January and famously shouted, “What difference does it make?” Thank you to those brave journalists and witnesses who have come forward to correct the record and let Ms. Clinton know, when it comes to dead Americans who simply asked for help, that it makes a lot of difference.

Gary Pederson

Kansas City Low postal rate

If the U.S. Postal Service would charge 46 cents for every piece of third-class mail that I receive, it would not be in the hole. For the month of April, I have received 35 letters with pleas for money.

Our poor landfills.

Charlotte Tindall

Independence Clean up Royals

What the Kansas City Royals need is some discipline from the front office that would get rid of the scraggly facial hair, the long and unkempt head hair, the long game pants that drag in the dirt and all the pleasant conversations that take place with opposing players. The appearance of the Royals players is a disgrace. They look like homeless people.

Their fraternization with the players on opposing teams is unbelievable. You may be friends with the other players off the field and away from the stadium but not between the white lines after the game starts.

Richard W. Dahms

Country Club, Mo.

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