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May 28, 2013

Tornado tragedy, gun violence, bus service

My heart goes out to the victims of the May 20 tornado that devastated Moore, Okla. My heart especially goes out to those who lost loved ones.
Touching tragedy

My heart goes out to the victims of the May 20 tornado that devastated Moore, Okla. My heart especially goes out to those who lost loved ones.

This tragedy is a reminder that God and nature are more powerful than anything man can invent. It also reminds us how God uses tragedies to bring out the best in us all.

Whether it is the East Coast being hit by a hurricane or the West Coast rocked by earthquakes, we Americans show our best when our fellow citizens need help.

Moore will rebuild just as Joplin is doing now, and as did my hometown of Topeka after the 1966 tornado.

I urge our members of Congress to refrain from politics and do your duty to help.

Steve Wright

Olathe End gun violence

A saying attributed to George Fox, founder of Quakerism, is that you will give up your sword when you can no longer wear it. Likewise with guns in our society.

Urban gun violence has reached a point where even those in the thick of it are ready to limit it. A gun culture with no aim but the killing of people begets and glamorizes violence.

Its many victims are paying its social and psychological cost. We respect the use of guns for recreation and responsible hunting but cannot see a reason to allow weapons that can only be used to kill people.

No one should have to live in a city where such violence leads to a state of constant defensiveness. We believe that valuing gun safety and limiting gun size and availability would help everyone return to a life of trust and of respect for the light within each person.

Rich Kaufman

Karin McAdams

Penn Valley

Friends Meeting (Quakers)

Kansas City Poor bus service

Kansas City is ranked among the worst in the nation regarding public transportation. After attempting to get current information for the bus that my employer pays for me to ride, I can see why.

Not only is the scheduling for the downtown buses poor, but I was in shock by the way I was spoken to and treated on the customer-service line. The rudeness and hostility were indescribable, and it was a supervisor no less.

I am considering telling my boss to keep my pass or give it to someone else.

I just wanted to confirm the bus route, but to no avail. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority supervisor was apparently unaware that the bus takes a different route in the early afternoon as she continued to scream at me on the line.

Deborah Love

Kansas City Red-light cameras

The news that the Kansas City Council is considering renewing and expanding the practice of ticketing using red-light cameras suggests the council is ignoring the major reason for discontinuing the practice (5-23, A4, “Red-light camera renewal likely”). In all of my 51 years of driving, the only time I ever got a ticket was when I wasn’t even in the car. It happened after this practice was implemented.

You can say a lot of things about our local police officers, but you could never accuse one of them of giving a ticket to someone who was 50 miles away at the time of the crime.

I have been accused of running two different red lights in Kansas City, and the only way I could prove my case was to take two days off work and swear to that fact in person in front of a judge.

This was despite the fact the court had video “evidence.”

A real police officer also doesn’t wait two months to let you know you violated the law. Where is the instant lesson of the old days?

I guess not having to pay a pension to a camera outweighs all that.

Dan Carmack

Liberty KCI is a great airport

A May 19 letter writer suggested that we “come fly” with him, but it sounds more like he really goes to airports to eat and shop. Can’t people just go to a mall for that and leave the airport for its original intended use of transportation?

I recently had the misfortune of using Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. I was told to arrive 21/2 hours early and went along with this silly idea, thinking I could just read a magazine in the waiting area.

What I encountered was nothing short of a jam-packed-with-bodies nightmare, security lines that went on forever and a puzzling maze of gates and hallways. I finally arrived for my flight, out of breath, as the door was closing.

When I left Kansas City International Airport for Phoenix, it had taken 15 minutes to do all of this.

As for being outdated, the letter writer has been watching too many home and garden shows. I believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And, lastly, who is getting rich off this plan to build a new airport? You can bet somebody is.

Barbara Hatton

Overland Park Food stamp use

I see nothing wrong with food stamps being used for birthday or wedding cakes. Little children of poor families have birthdays the same as other children do.

When there is no money for a birthday present, food stamps can provide a celebration for the child with a pretty, decorated cake from the bakery.

As for wedding cakes, poor people like something nice the same as other people do. Perhaps parents could not buy a wedding present for their daughter or son and saved food stamps to pay for the wedding cake so they could contribute to the wedding.

People who have lost their jobs and whose unemployment checks have run out have the right to manage for special occasions as best they can.

On the other hand, years ago when food stamps were stamps and not the card, I had an old car for sale. Someone wanted to buy it and pay for it monthly with food stamps. I said, “No way.”

Virginia Ground

Parkville Trolleys for KC

The issue that I bring to your attention is the pollution in our air and the obvious solutions to caring for our neighborhoods. To stay green, I propose we renew the efforts for bringing trolleys back.

We still have some of the tracks running from the Plaza through the Waldo area. This would be an energy-efficient, green way to go about transporting fellow Kansas Citians.

The bus is our traditional response to this type of transportation. However, it is negatively affecting our communities. The trolley trail could act as a Kansas City light rail that could go all the way downtown but more quickly and with less pollution.

Sophie Seigfreid

Kansas City Hike minimum wage

It seems that the best way to boost the economy would be to put the money in the hands of people who will spend it. A 50 percent increase in the minimum wage would do this.

More people would earn enough to move out of their parents’ homes, rent apartments, buy household goods and provide for their families. These wage earners, if given a raise, would spend it, not stuff it away in bank accounts.

The tax breaks for the wealthy have not created jobs as some said they would.

In the long run, the money from an increased minimum wage would still end up in the pockets of the wealthy because they own all the businesses that sell the stuff to these people. It might even create some jobs to handle the increased demand for goods.

Scott Bailey

Goff, Kan. Emergency response

Recently on my way to school, there was an accident at the end of my street. I reported the accident because it was bad.

One car was spinning out of control, and one was on my neighbor’s yard. But it still took an ambulance and a police car a while to get to the scene.

I think when an accident or emergency is called in, there should be an immediate response.

It didn’t look like anyone in this accident was injured that badly. But if there had been serious injuries, the late response of the ambulance could have cost a person his life.

Keara Miller

Kansas City Royals TV muted

Thank you, Kansas City Royals, for retaining Rex Hudler. This means I can spend another season of watching the games with the TV muted.

In all my years, I have never heard anyone with so little to say take so much time and so many words to say it.

Wayne Miller

Lone Jack

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