Kansas City area writers sound off on motorcycle deaths, Gov. Brownback, Democrats

08/25/2014 12:00 PM

08/25/2014 5:00 PM

Motorcycle deaths

I find it tiresome to read of the frequent motorcycle deaths. Those not wearing helmets and others weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds must have death wishes.

Over the past decade, I have observed a growing number of bicyclists wearing helmets.

All those riding motorcycles carelessly should be required to sign organ-donor cards.

Steve Katz


Oust Brownback

Four years ago, a naive Kansas electorate was mesmerized by a Washington, D.C., insider named Sam Brownback and his voodoo economics. Today, many see Mr. Brownback as a pixelated would-be Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Others see him and his followers as afflicted with invincible ignorance. All of us now have a growing awareness that Mr. Brownback and his ilk simply lack common sense.

Kansas has real problems, urgent problems, and needs adults in the Legislature to deal with the situation.

We adults of whatever persuasion have a compelling reason to register to vote and then in November to go to the polls in droves and do what adults have always had to do in times like these.

Fix it.

Charles Watson

Wellington, Kan.

Democratic truth, lie

The Democratic Party is based on two statements. The first is an absolute truth. The second is an absolute lie.

The truth is that life is not fair. The lie is that the Democrats can fix it.

Joe Lavender


Global-warming truth

It never ceases to amaze me how some people are so sure pollution does not cause global warming. No one knows for sure.

But evidence seems to point to fossil fuels. We could be working on alternative energy, or we could take the word of big oil and other polluters and hope for the best.

That seems to be some people’s approach to the problem.

I do know this: It is definitely warmer than it was 30 to 40 years ago.

As far as climate change is concerned, if polluters had to clean up their factories, it would cost them billions of dollars, and they know it. Surely people who stand to lose billions of dollars would lie to us or pay someone to lie to us just to save money.

Perry Efting

Branson, Mo.

KC Chiefs name

In the debate about the Kansas City Chiefs, why not change the team’s name to the Kansas City Brave? That would solve the problem we have with singing our national anthem.

Bill Fithian

Prairie Village

Voter ID costs

In order to comply with Kansas Secretary of State Kris “Voter Fraud” Kobach’s requirement for a photo identification, my wife went to the Department of Motor Vehicles. She had not driven for several years, so when her license expired she opted to get a photo ID.

After her picture was taken and paperwork completed, she had to pay $18. I think this is a pretty expensive piece of plastic, and because it is required to vote I believe the charge should be much less.

There are probably a lot of unregistered voters who don’t want to spend $18 because they may be struggling just to keep their families fed.

Robert L. Laskey


Informed voting

Although Congress has a dismal approval rating of 12 percent, the majority of incumbents will be re-elected. Why? Certainly gerrymandering is a major factor, but most of us don't want to admit we made an error in voting for the candidate originally.

An example is Rep. Dr. Scott DesJarlais, a Tennessee Republican, who ran on a family values, pro-life, integrity platform. Dr. DesJarlais won his Republican primary even after it became public knowledge that he had multiple affairs with patients and encouraged one of his patients to abort his child.

Voter turnout for presidential years hovers around 55 percent while off-year elections historically are below 40 percent. If two-thirds of dissatisfied Americans cast ballots, there would be major changes in Washington, D.C. Read, learn and vote, and then encourage others to do the same.

Ken Strange

Kansas City

ID requirement

Why is it racist, bigoted and disenfranchising to require people to have an identification to vote but not racist to require an ID to purchase a firearm? Both are constitutionally protected rights and both can do great damage when not used responsibly.

Bob Farley

Kansas City

Fixing Ferguson

The following counseling question applies to all segments of society and all offices held, no matter the pigment of one’s skin:

Question: What can be done to combat prejudice and aggression between groups?

a. Decreased contact.

b. Separate territories.

c. Super ordinate goals.

d. Displaced aggression.

The correct answer is C. One of the ways researchers have found to combat prejudice and aggression between groups such as those in Ferguson, Mo., is to give both groups a common goal that is higher than individual goals and is beneficial to both groups.

A common goal should take cooperative efforts to obtain. Put both groups on an equal basis, and give equal benefits to both sides.

A thug mentality of two wrongs make a right never works.

Kristy Hobbs


Liberalize gun laws

Kansas City Mayor Sly James says, “Our community is not a battleground.” But it is.

It has been a crime- and gang-riddled battleground for a long, long time. I know people on the Kansas City Police Department. I know.

James also used the words “Wild West.” What a disingenuous use of a pair of words.

It’s a fact that where conceal-and-carry weapons go up, crime goes down. There’s also another fact not discussed in Kansas City Star articles. The Star is rabidly anti-gun.

Denying people who can legally carry (in whatever way) their right to defend themselves is no different than sending them to the gallows.

And that’s a fact.

Mark Cooper

Sedalia, Mo.

Overhyped TV news

As a former reporter and editor (newspapers only), I have to express my amusement at the Kansas City area television stations’ efforts to present news using new and exciting methods.

Witness KCTV-5 and its roaming “Night Team.”

Or the pre-news news on KSHB-41 called “The Now.” Really?

Leave aside for the moment my complaint that there are countless teasers through every newscast on every Kansas City area channel which, collectively, probably would allow for an added five minutes of decent reporting.

These new twists on presentation smell like the stuff of brainstorming (an oxymoron if there ever was one) and focus committees.

Why don’t the TV stations just slap a logo bug on the screen that shouts, “New and Improved Packaging, Same Old News!”? I know I’ve seen that before.

James Price

Kansas City

Displaying U.S. flag

Many businesses go to great expense to put up elaborate flag displays, using multiple staffs, so they can display the American flag and one or two other flags.

Sadly, in most cases, the America flag is flown on the incorrect flag pole, placing it in a subordinate position to the other flags on display. This dishonors the American flag rather than honors it.

To business owners (and homeowners), save the additional cost and just put up one staff for your American flag. You can always fly a state flag or a company flag below the U.S. flag on the same pole.

You won’t have to wonder whether you are displaying the American flag correctly because with only one staff there is almost no way to display it incorrectly.

Google “Display the American flag” if you have specific questions about the correct method.

Also, your local American Legion and/or Veterans of Foreign Wars has a pamphlet on this topic.

Thank you for wanting to honor the American flag by displaying it correctly.

George Harsh

Overland Park

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