Readers share views on Republicans, Iran and the Kansas water shortage

08/22/2014 12:00 PM

08/22/2014 4:17 PM

Welcoming converts

An Aug. 18 letter writer says that the hostility directed at the GOP is the same as that directed at African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, gays, lesbians and others.

Those groups aren’t trying to force religion into our schools, dismantle Social Security and Medicare, take away the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and raise taxes on the middle class.

On the other hand, being a Republican is a lifestyle choice.

They can change if they really want to.

They must, first of all, admit their condition and seek counseling and therapy.

We Democrats warmly welcome all converts.

Scott Gregory

Roeland Park

Red line vs. deadline

In a little-noticed development, the “deadline” for a negotiated resolution of the Iranian nuclear-weapon issue has been postponed for months, until late November.

The Obama administration’s idea of a deadline is the same as its idea of a red line.

As another famous political person said not too long ago, “What difference does it make?”

Deadline/red line, neither has any real meaning, and the hollowness of these pronouncements by our president is not lost on friends and foes alike.

By the way, notice that this is one more troublesome matter that is now postponed until after — wait for it — the midterm elections.

Jim O’Connell


State water shortage

On the Kansas water shortage, I recommend reading Howard Lyman’s “The Mad Cowboy.”

Mike Mair


Open carry, police

An Aug. 16 well-meaning but foolish letter writer announced her policy to call the police whenever she saw someone openly carrying a firearm, no matter what that person was doing.

That is a very dangerous action. In case you hadn’t noticed, police shoot first and ask questions later.

A person following that policy called the police in that community when she saw someone carrying a rifle in a Wisconsin Wal-Mart.

The police officers arrived and shot that man dead before discovering it was a toy gun, picked up from the toy aisle of that very store.

Do you want such a thing on your conscience?

Michael Kerner


‘Alive Inside’ film

On Aug. 15, I saw an absolutely outstanding documentary film titled “Alive Inside.”

It is a Sundance Festival winner.

It shows what one guy has done to bring people back to life in a sense. He goes to nursing homes and with earphones and iPods lets elders hear “their music.” The scenes shown and the tight editing make the 78-minute masterpiece seem like 10 minutes.

Woven into the film are comments and explanations by the most respected scientists in the world about what we’re seeing and why it’s working the way it does.

Often, people see gripping documentaries and then have no way to help or contribute to a solution. With “Alive Inside,” anyone can help — in a variety of ways.

This must-see film is only at the Tivoli.

When the DVD is available for purchase, I hope every one of the nursing homes in the U.S. buys a copy and shows it to everyone on their staffs.

It should also be seen by every boomer. This movie is truly powerful.

Bill Sharp

Kansas City

Increase efficiency

Well, I suppose the Obama administration’s proposed CO2 rules are history-making.

Undaunted by the planet’s actual physical temperature data and the U.S. Constitution, the regime boldly seizes energy production from the states and citizens. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from the radical left.

Anyone who contends that the science is settled is either arrogant or engaged in deliberate deception.

The climate is complex, with the key drivers not well understood.

Yet, we are supposed to go in panic mode based on obviously flawed models.

Even more pathetic, the bureaucratic decrees are irrelevant to global CO2 emissions and only serve to put greater financial burdens on the middle class already being ruthlessly attacked by higher costs and fewer jobs, compliments of the Democratic Party.

What should we be doing?

Using energy wisely to save money, which is a vastly more effective strategy than the central regime dictating how Americans should live their everyday lives.

Better efficiency also inherently reduces emissions (of all types) much more effectively than the coerced use of unreliable renewable energy.

Mike Keller

Overland Park

Obama, IRS scandal

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama administration used the Internal Revenue Service to shut down the fundraising efforts of hundreds of conservative organizations before the 2012 presidential election.

The IRS activity was certainly a factor in President Barack Obama winning re-election.

Although the mainstream media don’t consider this to be a news item worth reporting, a Republican president faced impeachment for what I consider to be the lesser offense of covering up a break-in at the Democratic campaign headquarters at Watergate.

Richard Nixon could only dream of using the IRS to win an election.

Ed Geither

Overland Park

Sickness of politics

I’m 68 years old and a disabled Army Vietnam veteran, and I love this country more than I can possibly express in words.

I’m thankful for my ancestors of Norwegian, German and English heritage who took a risk to come to a new country, sacrificing all for their families.

Saying this, I do acknowledge that they came (as far as I know legally) for a better life.

We Americans today have a problem with illegal immigration, unemployment, taking care of our veterans and the Middle East, just to name a few things.

We expect the president and Congress to work together. I don’t blame President Barack Obama for all our problems.

Our speaker of the House, John Boehner, and majority leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, seem to just be pimps for the Republicans and Democrats.

I’m sick of the people we’ve elected, and I crave the days of Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois and President Lyndon Johnson of Texas, who understood that compromise — yes, compromise — was not a dirty word.

I’m sick of both the far right and far left of both parties and the tea party. None is happy until this country is in complete revolt.

John Koehler


Politics, Ferguson

Poor Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (8-22, Editorial, “Nixon needs to be a more decisive leader in Ferguson”). He so desperately tried to inject himself into the Ferguson, Mo., fiasco only to have U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton treat him like a flat-footed nerd who can't jump and dis him completely out of their game.

Poor, poor Jay. Just not feeling the love.

Len Stephens

Maryville, Mo.

Tea partiers, faith

I recently watched CNN’s Anderson Cooper interview some pastor from Texas who represents the tea party belief that being gay should be treated with “restorative therapy” (correcting their sin) while assuring gays that God loves them despite their sin.

If this is truly what tea partiers believe, why don’t they require one another to undergo “restorative therapy” for idol worship (love of money more than God), hating many of their fellow human beings, stealing life and killing (deprivation of taxpayer funds for Medicaid expansion and health care), lying (claiming minorities commit voter fraud), coveting (defrauding others), adultery and for their own children who fornicate (premarital sex)?

We are the ones who are still in the process of discovering the eloquence and complexities of it all. Yet, the tea partiers eschew science and unwittingly promote atheists’ mockery of the Bible.

Michele Elliott

Overland Park

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