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August 18, 2014

Kansas City area readers express views on liberals, voting, guns

Using the very logic of liberalism it must be concluded that Al Gore and liberals hate children. The psychiatric community has just revealed that children are experiencing rapidly accelerating levels of anxiety and depression due most specifically to the constant doom-and-gloom drum beat of global warming.

Content of character

I lived in Pocatello, Idaho, near an Indian reservation. I had friends who were American Indians.

Never once in my life have I seen a red Indian. When I think of Indians, I think of warriors and strong men and women.

I believe that the Cleveland baseball team chose that name because people wanted their ballplayers to live up to that ideal. All people everywhere should be defined not by the color of their skin but by their character and how they live their lives.

Ron Phillips

Kansas City, Kan.

U.S. voting integrity

Many states are changing the rules of their voting systems, requiring increased amounts of identification, eliminating early voting, shortening hours and making it much more difficult for ordinary citizens to vote. However, all current officeholders (including Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach) profited from the current system, which some of them now claim is corrupt.

This presents them with a moral dilemma. Did they know, or suspect, that a preponderance of votes were illegally cast? If so, they should resign their seats rather than reap the benefits of such acts.

Meanwhile, those who believe in the integrity of the voting system as it exists today should retain their seats. This would satisfy the collective moral integrity of everybody.

Kenneth Lee


Global warming

My son has lived in Alaska for 15 years and witnessed global warming with the receding and melting glaciers. Temperatures fluctuate, and inland winters are still very cold, but climate change is evident in the big picture. Last winter here in Kansas City was harsh, but that followed several mild winters.

Leta Richardson


Ferguson shooting

Ferguson, Mo., underscores the need to keep clear heads and weigh all the facts calmly before going off protesting, shooting and looting, lest this investigation rapidly turn into a witch hunt (8-18, A1, “Details of fatal shots emerging”).

Let's not forget that Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson is entitled to his “day in court” and that the security footage shows that 18-year-old Michael Brown was no angel.

The reaction of some of the people in Ferguson is indeed strange when you consider that no protests occur when a black teen kills another black teen.

Virginia Hudson


Gun-control harm

Stricter gun laws will not keep people from getting guns to do harm. The mentally ill, severely depressed, drug addicts, alcoholics and others will acquire guns.

Stealing or borrowing them would be quite easy. Most of these people will not seek help because they think there is nothing wrong with them.

Society needs better health coverage and less stigma associated with these mental-health issues so people will get the help they need. There are a lot of sick people in the world.

Strict gun control hurts the 99 percent of honest, law-abiding citizens who use guns to do good. Do not take away more of our unalienable rights.

Sandra Keeney

Creighton, Mo.

Obamacare successes

The loud popping sounds you hear are right-wing heads exploding as the Affordable Care Act becomes more popular. Many Democrats, Republicans and independents are expressing satisfaction with the coverage they have received under the act.

Among Republicans, many who have signed up for new health care and who got Medicaid coverage were satisfied. Even many of those who had insurance before — including people whose plans were canceled as a result of President Barack Obama “lying” to them — were happy.

No death panels, high percentages of young people signing up and on every other talking point the righties have gone bust. With more than 7 million new subscribers, and that number is growing, what are congressmen going to replace the law with if they repeal it?

Lies, innuendo, fear-mongering — none of those things worked, so what do they do now?

Warren C. Allen


YMCA after school

With school starting again, it’s a good time to remember the important role after-school programs play in helping students succeed. Quality after-school programs, such as the YMCA of Greater Kansas City Y Clubs, are a lifeline for working parents.

They give our youth a chance to engage in hands-on, experimental learning in a safe and structured environment, exposing students to possible careers in the sciences or other fields, teaching them the value of community service and providing them with mentors, meals, physical activity and more.

Y Clubs focus on several core-content areas in their after-school programs.

They include health and wellness, homework support, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), service learning, literacy, social competence and conflict resolution. But programs are struggling for resources, suffering from budget cutbacks and the pace of economic recovery.

Many more students in the Kansas City area should have after-school programs available to them.

We need lawmakers and others to fund after-school programs so all our children can have access to the support they need.

Pamela Watkins

Vice President

Youth Development



Greater Kansas City


Chaos in Iraq

So President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney sent thousands of U.S. troops to Iraq to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction in 2003. Then more U.S. troops followed in 2010-2011. To date, more than 4,400 soldiers have died, and thousands more have been wounded.

Net result: no WMDs and currently complete chaos and total instability.

Great job, Bush and Cheney.

David Doerste

Overland Park

KCI convenience

The proposed reconfiguration of Kansas City International Airport should only concern the needs of metropolitan users. The airlines have said they will not be using KCI as a hub and regular flights won’t be added.

So the question is whether KCI is adequate to service the needs of Kansas City area residents. The answer is a resounding yes.

It is adequate, but it does need to be tweaked to add conveniences for those arriving early to depart or those waiting to meet arrivals.

In my recent travels, I passed through five airports — four major international facilities and one regional facility. KCI provides the No. 1 asset a regional facility needs — convenience.

KCI has accessible baggage pickup and adequate close parking, both short and long term. So do we want the convenience of a spruced-up KCI or the nightmares of a fast-food palace masquerading as an airport?

Paul Comerford

Blue Springs

Guns and women

Forecast: sunny with a high probability of gun violence.

Many women in the United States over the years have been shot to death by an intimate partner. States that have closed the gun-show loophole by passing universal background checks have fewer gun killings of women by their partners.

Abusers are many times more likely to kill their victims when they have guns than when they don’t. But gun lovers oppose any legislation that protects these women.

The gun people often say, “If you have background checks, then only criminals will have guns.” That, on the face of it, is an illogical statement.

Stick to the facts. Legislation is needed to stop criminals, gun traffickers and people with histories of domestic violence from having guns. This is no attempt to stop law-abiding people from having guns.

Call your state representative and tell him or her to pass legislation supporting background checks. Stop the almost daily killings across the nation.

You can start here. If you have a daughter, mother or friend in a violent relationship, she is in danger. Do not wait for someone else when you can make that phone call.

Harold Koch


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