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August 15, 2014

Readers share thoughts on immigration, KCI and the Kansas City Chiefs

Here is a new idea for the reconfiguration of our Kansas City International Airport, which I don't think has been submitted yet. Take Terminal B and remodel it for restaurants and shopping with a nice atrium (for possible performance venues) and connect the other terminals with moving sidewalks to Terminal B.

Protect the children

As we seek solutions for the surge of immigrant children, we should take a hard look at how we want our actions to reflect on our nation.

Sadly, this is a phenomenon we have seen before. We have opened our hearts and our borders to children during humanitarian crises many times: helping Jewish children during World War II, Cuban children during the Castro regime in the early 1960s and children from Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War, to name a few.

The children in these dire straits, afraid for their lives and trying to reach safety, should not be detained at length or shipped back to danger and turmoil. We need to welcome them, offer them refuge during this terrifying time and do our best by them.

That way we’ll be respecting our history while building a brighter future for these children and ourselves.

I urge U.S. senators from Kansas and Missouri to support additional funding to help address this crisis while ensuring America safeguards its fundamental values of protecting children, fairness and due process.

We cannot rush to deport traumatized children to violent places and jeopardize their safety.

Micki Buschart

Kansas City

Skywalks at KCI

Here is a new idea for the reconfiguration of Kansas City International Airport that I don’t think has been submitted yet.

Take Terminal B and remodel it for restaurants and shopping with a nice atrium (as a possible performance venue) and connect the other terminals with moving sidewalks to Terminal B.

We’d get to keep the favorite part about our hometown airport — its convenience — and satisfy the needs of our out-of-town guests for food, shopping, etc. The walkways would run through the other terminals from one end to the other for that quick trip to get to gates.

Maybe they could be skywalks if not on the ground level. Engineers would have to determine the possibility and feasibility, but I think it’s a great mix to please all.

Barbara Wiggenjost


More urgent concerns

Because our representatives in Congress are upset with the name Redskins for the Washington, D.C., NFL team, what about the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians and the Kansas City Chiefs?

Now Sweden is upset with the name Minnesota Vikings.

And I am upset with the name Los Angeles Angels. This offends me.

So as soon as our representatives solve all of the scandals, get the border situation cleared up, get the Middle East situation under control and have peace there and get a settlement with Israel and the Palestians, then by all means they need to jump right into getting these team names changed to less-offensive names, no matter how many years these teams have had the names.

Jeff Perry

Platte City

‘Honoring’ nonsense

Recently, there was much discourse over Hampton Stevens’ suggestion to change the name of the Chiefs (8-9, Commentary, “Lead the way, Chiefs — change your name”). I stood up to many people cluelessly defending the offensive imagery seen at the stadium.

Non-Native American people have gotten away with telling native peoples how they should be portrayed and what they should and shouldn’t be offended by for so long that they don’t realize the offensiveness of their paternalist suggestions of who, what, where and why.

In the rush to cover their errors, they throw the politically correct terms over indigenous views to reduce their effect and silence them.

I wasn’t silenced last Sunday.

The Chiefs name can stay but the imagery goes, just like what the College of William and Mary had to abide by with the NCAA.

This is 2014. There are no sombreros on liquor-store signs, no 1950s imagery to sell chicken and no tomahawk chops for people who never considered this to be an honor in the first place.

Listen for once.

Vine Deloria Jr. wrote, “We talk, you listen.” It would be nice to be taken seriously enough that this “honoring” nonsense stops.

Mike Ford

Baldwin City, Kan.

VA, Arizona senators

It’s too bad Arizona has only one full-time senator because if that state had two, maybe the Department of Veterans Affairs health-care debacle killing our veterans would have been avoided.

Instead, Sen. John McCain has designated himself president-at-large, running around the world and schmoozing with al-Qaida terrorists in Syria and thugs in Ukraine.

Greg Bacon

Boonville, Mo.

Annoying interviews

I don’t know about anyone else but when I settle down in front of the TV to watch a Royals game, that is what I expect to see.

The director of those programs, however, apparently thinks I want to see some long, drawn-out interview of guests in the pressbox or some group in the stands while the game is in progress.

I do not. If they think they must do these interviews, they should at least keep the camera on what is going on on the field while they talk about trivia with their interviewees.

Norman York

Kansas City, Kan.

Future leader of Iraq

The Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, is nothing compared with the Sept. 11, 2001, attack in our own country.

After the 9/11 attack in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, then-President George W. Bush and then-Vice President Dick Cheney left Washington and went to a safer place.

Bush is the worst president ever. Taking out former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein created the mess we have in Iraq now. At least Saddam Hussein could control all the factions.

Maybe that country needs a dictator.

Brenda Brown

Lee’s Summit

Media cover-up?

The only thing worse than the lies from the Internal Revenue Service is the cover-up of this issue by the news media. Not much is being reported on this topic by NBC, CBS, ABC or The Kansas City Star.

How can they not report on this — the most awful breach of government power over American citizens — and still call themselves news agencies?

Lies, lies and cover-ups seem to be the norm anymore in this once wonderful country.

Keith W. Smith


Guns, regressing

I’m sorry to admit that I am afraid of firearms and weapons of small (particularly around children) or mass destruction.

If I see anyone on the street or entering an establishment with gun on hip, in hand or in pocket or rifle slung over his shoulder, I vacate immediately and call the police.

I don’t know any purpose for an individual to flaunt a weapon in public, unless that individual is with the police. Any other reason to do so is to intimidate, frighten, injure or kill someone.

Who am I to know their intent? Who is Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to know their intent?

Who is the National Rifle Association to know their intent?

Well, I will try to avoid any arena that allows this, even if it is on a public street.

I will demand that a police officer respond immediately to stop the individual and question the person’s intent or reason for carrying.

In the Old West, people learned to check their weapons upon entering an establishment, particularly one that served liquor. But then there was the Old, Old West, when swaggering around with a gun on your hip was manly.

We’ve really gone backward in time.

Linda Neville

Overland Park

American intervention

If the United States of America is militarily attacked, sure, fight back and let ’em have it. Otherwise, let’s mind our own business.

The folks in Washington, D.C., tend to feel that we are responsible for worldwide perceived wrongs. Then Congress sends young men and women to fight and die.

If this happens again, the first wave should consist of the president, all senators and all representatives. If any survived, they could enjoy veterans benefits.

Fred White


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