Readers share thoughts on the IRS, illegal immigration and chronic pain

08/14/2014 6:49 PM

08/14/2014 6:49 PM

IRS, accountability

Why don’t the same laws that we taxpayers must follow also apply to the Internal Revenue Service?

Why is it above its own rules?

Why are tax payments due by midnight April 15, but the IRS has no mandated deadline for issuing refunds? Why are interest and penalties added if taxes are not paid in full by April 15, but no interest is added to refunds that have taken months to process?

I mailed a final 1040 for a deceased parent along with a copy of the will and death certificate in January. A refund of $853 was due to me.

In March, I received more forms that needed to be completed. The IRS claimed it would issue a refund within six to eight weeks of receiving these completed forms.

Four months later, my refund is “still being processed” with no specified date given for issuing the refund.

Now we are hearing that the IRS is delinquent in processing refunds and that it has no money with which to pay these refunds.

I hope I receive my refund one day. In the meantime, when will the IRS ever be held accountable to the same rules it imposes on all of us?

Rick R. Elliott


Illegal immigration

Immigration is very good. Illegal immigration is not.

What can’t people and politicians understand about illegal?

Illegal means “not according to or authorized by law.”

Look it up in any English language dictionary.

Steve Zimmer

Kansas City, Kan.

Chronic pain issue

Thank you for the Aug. 10 article, “Unspeakable pain,” bringing to the public’s attention the problems suffered by those who experience chronic pain.

Although I am sorry to see that so many others are in pain, I was encouraged to see that I am not alone.

I hurt every day from the searing pain like the trigeminal neuralgia that you mentioned in your article. On the proverbial scale of zero to 10, it is never less than five and is as high as 10 many days.

For 35 years, I’ve gone to multiple doctors and specialists. Most do not believe me.

Many prescribe narcotics that I don’t want to take.

And, insurance companies don’t care how much pain relief a person may need.

I finally met a doctor who took the time to listen and work with me. She treated me with respect.

Her attention to my problems and her desire to make a difference have been a great comfort to me. Unfortunately, she seems to have been victimized by the corporate greed taking over medical care, another topic I hope you will continue to investigate.

Now I have to find another doctor who will help me — a process as painful as the chronic pain itself.

Loretta Wolff


Digital age at schools

I have two kids in the Shawnee Mission School District, and one of them will be one of the first to receive a tablet (8-11, A1, “Schools seek digital balance”).

As I ponder the picture on the front page, I notice five kids and no teacher.

I think: What a great idea. We might be spending an initial $20 million on tablets or laptops to start this program and millions of dollars more on the federal testing that will determine our children’s career directions and possible acceptance into college over the next 10 or so years.

Now is the time we can forget about overcrowding schools because every child’s laptop is his or her teacher, so we can replace the teacher who makes an average of $52,000 a year with a day care/security specialist who deals with minors at a wage of $22,000 a year, saving Kansas taxpayers millions of dollars annually.

But wait. How about doing away with books and the librarians? We have tablets with access to all of the books of the world.

No need for schools, either, just send the tablet to the child at age 5 and a letter that says, “You’re on your own.”

Isn’t Common Core great?

Steve Hohe


Postal Service woes

You want to know why the U.S. Postal Service is going under? I fail to get my items through the mail when I purchase them over the Internet. Sometimes the sorters send them to Blue Springs or downtown Kansas City, and then I never see them again.

And the supplier fails to respond to my problem. And if it is sent by FedEx, that service just drops it off at the post office and calls it delivered.

But it is not delivered to me ever. I suppose if I lived in a FedEx truck I might get the package I ordered.

I was told in one recent instance that my packages were in Blue Springs. I drove to Blue Springs and was told to contact the mail supervisor at my Harry Truman postal station.

The man was too much of a coward to meet me and discuss the problem I was having. I waited 15 minutes for him to come out from behind closed doors. Finally I left.

If you call this mail delivery, then I am from outer space.

Failure to deliver on Saturday would not bother me because I don’t get my mail anyway.

Shirley Shores


Seeking peace

Israel strikes Gaza residential targets because that is where the Palestinians place the rocket launchers.

Palestinians could end Israeli retaliation simply by ending rocket fire into Israel.

The late Golda Meir, former Israeli prime minister, said it all more than 40 years ago: “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Nothing has changed.

Steve Sherry

Kansas City

Credit card society

Mr. James Eddy’s Aug. 12 business section commentary, “Big need for ‘swipe fee’ reform,” on credit-card fees of 2.5 percent per purchase is self-serving and fundamental hypocrisy.

His $125,000 in swipe fees represents more than $5 million in revenue from his patrons who smartly do not want to carry cash at his establishments in an imperfect 21st century high-tech society, especially at night, when his business is at a peak.

These credit-card companies are losing millions of dollars in non-collectible debt from users of issued cards, while Mr. Eddy still gets paid every month regardless of the losses to the issuing companies for his customers who cannot pay their credit-card bills.

Credit-card companies take major risks issuing cards to millennials out of college and the rebounding boomers who lost so much during the recent global recession. These issuing companies pay all the costs of creating, documenting and administrating the services for the cards through which Mr. Eddy will get paid on time.

It seems like a bargain to me.

My advice to Mr. Eddy is simply: Post a “cash only” sign and see the results.

The reality is, this is a non-cash, electronic society.

Harry M. Noll


Middle East fight

So let me get this straight. In Syria, a primarily Sunni country, we warmongers support military action to assist Sunni fighters in the overthrow of the Shiite-led government of President Bashar Assad.

But over the line in Iraq, we would like military action on behalf of the Shiite-led government and against the Sunni fighters.

Sunni fighters are freedom-fighting heroes in Syria but menacing jihadist terrorists in Iraq.

Any way you slice it, it’s Sunnis fighting Shiites and Shiites fighting Sunnis. Why do we need to get in the middle of that?

Glenn Bradford

Kansas City

Sales tax for roads

It was good to see that the people are smarter than the politicians regarding a proposed sales-tax increase on the ballot last week statewide to pay for road repair. The polls in Missouri say we will not approve a tax when it is idiotic.

Who is the smart one?

Travel Interstate 70 in Missouri and see who needs to pay for roads. Trucks with out-of-state license plates are everywhere.

Double or triple the diesel road tax and increase the gasoline road tax.

How hard is that? Oh, I forgot about the lobbyists.

Maybe our representatives in Jefferson City can show leadership and intelligence for a change.

Mike Neenan

Kansas City

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