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August 11, 2014

Kansas City area readers sound off on right to farm, Hobby Lobby, streetcars

On the Hobby Lobby case, brilliant. Outlaw condoms and contraceptives and arm our youngin’s with guns to keep the population under control. Who needs fake flowers and crafts produced by child labor in China?

Right to farm wrong

A small majority of voters handed over the rights of all Missourians to govern agriculture, including pets, through general ballot initiatives. Now the floodgates for political shenanigans and legislatively sanctioned animal abuse and cruelty could open.

In jeopardy are the Missouri Animal Care Facilities Act, which ensures that all regulated animal-care facilities meet animal-husbandry, shelter, veterinary-care and safety requirements, and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit, which inspects large dog-breeding operations.

Ironically, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s web page takes credit for rescuing 6,210 animals since 2009.

This is the same guy who expressed support for Amendment 1, which has high potential to undo the hard work of many caring people to reduce the number of dogs being incompetently overbred, neglected and mistreated in rural Missouri while shelters continue to fill and homeless pets are euthanized.

Also, the public no longer has the ability to petition against heavily polluting concentrated animal-feeding operations and will be able to do little to stop them from being built in their own backyards.

Basically, Missouri voters just gave up their rights to those with intentions to do great harm.

Nice work.

Susan Kaufmann


Hobby Lobby dream

On the Hobby Lobby case, brilliant.

Outlaw condoms and contraceptives and arm our young’uns with guns to keep the population under control. Who needs fake flowers and crafts produced by child labor in China?

It would be a great idea to take in all of the unwanted children subject to abuse, poverty, drug and alcohol addiction. I’d love that new philanthropic business model.

It would be wonderful to visit corporate facilities that are devoted to caring for children lost under the radar.

Lynne M. Kukal

Kansas City, Kan.

Streetcar grave

Even though the voters last week overwhelmingly rejected the expanded streetcar plan, Mayor Sly James says: “We’re not going to just roll over and let it go. We’ve got to continue to look for options to get the job done.”

Whatever happened to politicians representing voters? What makes Mayor James think he knows better than the voters?

Who does Mayor James work for if not the voters? Why shouldn’t this vote have put an end to any streetcar expansion plan?

David Porter

Kansas City

Nowhere streetcar

Now that the voters have turned down the streetcar expansion, I wonder how long it will take for the Kansas City Council to negate their votes and declare that the initiative was not feasible?

Deja vu all over again.

Don Cameron

Overland Park

Diuguid column

About Lewis Diuguid’s Aug. 6 commentary, “Greater value attached to restoring old things,” wow, I could almost smell that first coat of polyurethane being applied. Exciting — you had me on the edge of my old, well-used chair.

That was a lot of newsprint. This is my first letter to the editor in more than 40 years as a subscriber.

Way to go Kansas City Star. Keep on keeping us informed.

Steve Clark


New Southwest High

On Southwest High School’s planned use, parents who are sending their children to private schools have good reason to do so. If there were an excellent alternative in the public school system, they might opt for that.

About 50 percent of what kids learn — good as well as bad — is determined by their peers. Bringing more good students into the public school system can only be a good thing.

What is not addressed is the number of good black students whose families move to suburban schools to avoid the problems inherent in the urban class room.

David Zoller

Kansas City

Apology to Germany

Germany, you are the home of ancestors for so many of us Americans.

You have produced some of the most beautiful music, art, architecture and literature ever created. Your proud traditions permeate our thinking and our society.

From the rubble of World War II, we have watched you struggle with communism and eventually rise to become one of the most powerful and influential nations on earth, among our strongest and important allies.

Your culture stimulates its citizens to rise above the ordinary and achieve perfection. It is this relentless drive to be the best at whatever you do that has produced the miracle that is Germany today.

It’s hard to conceive a good reason our government would choose to spy on you in any form. I only hope that any espionage done by the U.S. is the result of bad judgment by some lower-level bureaucrat and isn’t the result of a policy decision.

I am ashamed and profoundly sorry that this has happened.

I hope that you can forgive us as a nation and that our government can make amends for such an insult to a trusted friend and ally in the struggle to make a better world.

Jim Meyer


Veterans lottery vote

I truly do not understand why the ballot measure for a veterans lottery did not pass. It would not cost anyone a cent unless the person bought a lottery ticket.

If you are going to gamble, why not have it go to a good cause? Veterans long-care homes need the money.

I do not understand why people did not approve it to help our veterans, especially when it would cost no one anything.

I guess Missouri is not veteran friendly, or else the voters were ignorant about the details of this lottery.

Either way, I am not proud of the state’s voters.

Dave Bigard

Blue Springs

Religion, high court

What is considered religion to the Supreme Court? Is Christianity the only religion accepted in this recent ruling on Hobby Lobby? Are the Moonies, considered by many to be a cult, recognized as a religion?

In Waco, Texas, there once resided David Koresh, the founder of the Branch Davidians, who are defined as a religious sect. According to some definitions of Wicca and Satanism that I have read, they are defined as religions.

What if I decided to start a new religion that believed only in natural, organic homeopathic medicine? My God is against any prescribed chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Even Tylenol is considered a sin. Only plant-based natural herbs coming from the earth are acceptable to my God.

Now I start a corporation with many benefits, including health insurance. Because of the recent Supreme Court decision, since it is morally objectionable in my religion to ingest any chemical drugs, my employees are now financially responsible for all pharmaceuticals prescribed by their doctors.

Barbara Nolan


Air-conditioning heat

How many times as a child during the winter months did you hear the admonition: “Close the door! Are you trying to heat the outside?”

Well, this is exactly what we are doing today with all the air-conditioning units putting out mega calories of heat during the summer months.

Just go outside and stand near your air conditioner to witness firsthand the amount of heat that is being pumped into the atmosphere that is already superheated by the sun. Multiply your unit by the number of homes, apartments, businesses and vehicles around the world that provide a cooling environment for humans inside while adding extra heat to an already overheated outside.

Fifty to 60 years ago, only major businesses had air conditioning. Before that, stores didn’t even start carrying winter coats until fall because people didn’t want to try on wool garments in a hot store.

Times have changed. Today just about every building has central air. Global warming is a big human factor because of our lifestyles and demands.

Maybe during the summer months we should leave the door open to help cool off the outside.

Barbara Whited

Easton, Kan.

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