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August 8, 2014

Readers weigh in on KCI, streetcars and immigration

Voters’ decisive rejection of the streetcar transportation development district may not lessen Kansas City’s need for a mass transit system, but it certainly suggests voters do not want an expensive streetcar.

KCI, older fliers

I’ve read letters and articles on building a one-terminal Kansas City International Airport. What’s missing is consideration for our elderly.

When I moved here 13 years ago with my elderly mother and 5-year-old son, leaving Atlanta was absolutely horrible. The bus to the terminals dropped us off at the wrong end.

Not being a seasoned traveler, I had no idea where to go. My concern was for the 66-year-old and 5-year-old lagging behind while lugging carry-on bags. We barely made our gate in time to board.

Nobody seems concerned with how difficult it can be in a large airport with small children or elderly.

Once we got off the plane at KCI, I knew this was where we wanted to live. It was so much easier for this exhausted traveler with a small child and elderly woman to get our bags, get our rental car and be on our way.

I don’t go back to Atlanta, and my elderly mother doesn’t either. Not because she can’t handle getting in and out of KCI, but because she can’t manage the size and confusion of the Atlanta airport.

Jennie Sindak

Overland Park

Listen to voters

Voters’ decisive rejection of the streetcar transportation development district may not lessen Kansas City’s need for a mass transit system, but it certainly suggests voters do not want an expensive streetcar.

It’s time our leaders stop trying to make Kansas City another Portland, Ore.

Instead of visiting Spain, our council members should visit booming cities in this country that have managed to enter the 21st century and attract young people and businesses to their downtown areas without reverting to 19th century technology. Our bus system should be better.

We did not need to vote on the Main Street or Troost MAX bus lines. Why would the Prospect MAX need a special vote?

Implement the Prospect MAX already, and make the fleet cleaner. As diesel buses are retired, we should replace them with clean-burning natural-gas buses.

Bus service should be 24/7. Buses should be there when people need them, and buses should be free.

This city has given a free ride to so many developers. It’s time the city give a free ride to those who need it.

Will our leaders listen to the voters for a change or waste our time and money on yet another streetcar election?

Larry Roth

Kansas City

Illegal immigration

There are crises all over the world, and we have a massive crisis right here in the United States. The states bordering Mexico are overwhelmed with illegal immigration.

Drugs travel over the border routinely. Until we close the border completely, the crisis remains.

We must first deal with the border situation and then seek efficient, sensible ways to manage the out-of-control immigration status.

Marie Peterson

Lee’s Summit

Soft sentences

Excellent articles by Glenn E. Rice and Mark Morris regarding the lax penalties in Jackson County for violent felonies (8-3, A1, “Getting off easy”). It would be equally interesting if The Star would publish an article regarding the punishment of property criminals in Jackson County.

Each year, the residents of Jackson County suffer tens of millions of dollars’ worth of losses from burglary, auto theft and fraud. These felons are rarely given substantial prison sentences.

It is no wonder that the urban portions of Jackson County have experienced declines in the numbers of businesses and residents.

Mike Thoelke

Overland Park

Climate change doubt

Climate change proponents state that human activity causes climate change and it is a fact because 97 percent of climate scientists support this idea. I have two questions.

What is the proof that these scientists support? And who exactly counted these scientists?

Did the climate change believers get them all in one room and have them vote? Just a name, please.

Jerry Kaplan

Prairie Village

Climate denier

In the eyes of a true believer, you’re either 100 percent all in or you’re a “denier” — a troglodyte head in the sand, target of a Lee Judge cartoon.

Admit it, true believers. You never even tried to understand the science of global warming or climate change until it became a neo-green, anti-fossil fuel jihad five to 10 years ago.

Mankind exploded millions of tons of munitions in World War I, World War II and nuclear testing with no visible effect on the Earth’s climate. On the other hand, single volcanic events such as Krakatoa have affected the worldwide climate for a decade.

How arrogant of believers to imagine that we can change the climate, reverse a trend, to the extent there is a trend. Spending boatloads of money to develop alternative fuels won’t have the slightest effect on the climate, even if China and India would cooperate, which they never will.

I suspect that the computer models, the data and even the believers’ motives are tainted. I remain, proudly and respectfully, in the deniers’ camp.

Bill Muir

Kansas City

Praying for Kansas

I pray that Kansans will follow Jesus’ covenant of loving everyone equally instead of the old covenant of being “God’s chosen ones.”

I pray that we will recognize that having highly educated Kansans will bring in more jobs than cutting state income taxes for those who don’t really need the tax break.

I pray that we will continue to develop wind farms and solar panels, which will benefit the state far more than obsessing over abortions and guns.

Bill Fischer

Overland Park

Backing KC Royals

This letter is addressed to those who were upset with how the Kansas City Royals were doing early in the season. I am sick and tired of reading of people bashing our team’s hitting, pitching and coaching.

Has it ever occurred to any of those who are negative that they are upset with how the team has been this season because they bear much of the blame? Our team needs support from fans, and when our team sees people running away it loses every reason to win.

If you want our team to win, you have to get behind the Royals and offer support. It takes more than hitting, pitching and coaching to win games.

Timothy Johnson

Kansas City

U.S. banking reform

Notably with the Affordable Care Act, there has been lots of criticism about the so-called free market. News flash: America does not have a capitalist free market but rather a corporatist system and has not had a free market since at least 1913.

Any real student of history and political philosophy could easily see this. Government bailouts of “too-big-to-fail” banks and corporations and massive regulations in legislation such as Dodd-Frank and Obamacare clearly illustrate this trend.

A truly free market requires the absence of central banking. For decades, the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” policies have inflated the dollar and imposed an indirect tax on those who work the hardest and make the least.

What we need is a system that encourages competition. This is not unregulated laissez-faire but rather a free market, absent of central planning and central banking.

It is only in this way that individual liberty and prosperity can be achieved at the highest level.

Brandon Michael

Overland Park

Google’s intrusion

Thank you, Google Fiber, for snarling traffic in the Northland. Thank you for my having to snake my way through residential streets where your endless cable, big equipment and large trucks were parked.

Thank you for hiring people who walk in front of cars without looking before they leap. Thank you for the endless leaflets left on the doors, urging residents to sign up.

What a campaign. Hurry and get out.

Kathy Engle

Kansas City

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