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August 5, 2014

Readers weigh in on U.S. exceptionalism, same-sex marriage and Royals broadcasts

Homosexual marriages should have the same rights as heterosexual marriages. The Constitution says all persons are created equal, and yet I do not see this.

U.S. exceptionalism

America is truly exceptional, but not like the Greatest Generation was. Let’s look at what fear has done to American exceptionalism.

There is now nearly one gun for every man, woman and child in America, and we have more shootings daily than any other developed country. Our prison industrial complex has more people locked up than anywhere else.

Our military industrial complex spends more than the next dozen countries combined on weapons and their sale and war. Americans are fearful of losing their jobs, their houses, their land, their health, their insurance, their schools and even their children.

We are exceptional in so many more ways: We export vast amounts of pornography to the world; we are one of the gambling capitals of the world; we pay women 77 cents on the dollar to what a man makes doing the same job; we have a government so corrupted by money that Italy looks like a bastion of virtue; and we export toxic food, seeds, TV religion, video games, “news” shows (Fox), warmongering and financial products.

Yes, we are exceptional. If a developed society could be more hedonistic, self-serving, hurtful to children and mean to people different than themselves, please tell me where.

James L. Wrolstad


Royals games

Why doesn’t the television station that broadcasts the Kansas City Royals try improving on giving game statistics by going to a larger format like WGN? The station could place the statistics in upper left part of the screen.

It’s the best. Because of blocking type, Royals viewers often need a replay to see what happened.

It’s a small suggestion, but please consider it as my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I’m in my 70s.

Dave Heaston

Kansas City, Kan.

Same-sex marriage

Homosexual marriages should have the same rights as heterosexual marriages. The Constitution says all persons are created equal, and yet I do not see this.

My gay aunt cannot inherit her wife’s belongings if she dies, but my mother could inherit my dad’s belongings if he were to die.

In America today, 59 percent of citizens agree that same-sex marriage should be legal. Our beliefs as a society have evolved, and our laws have fallen behind.

When I am 25 and getting married, I can only hope that my homosexual friends can do the same.

Margaret Kohl

Warrensburg, Mo.

Open-carry gun laws

When I was a young boy in the 1950s, I loved to watch Western shows on TV. In many of those shows, the local sheriff made men check their guns at his office for the duration of their stay in town.

Now, our legislators have deemed open-carry to be the law. I recently had my first experience with that law.

While I was at my favorite restaurant, a man and woman entered with the man having a .45-caliber gun strapped to his hip. Although I have no problem with legal gun ownership, I have to admit that I was very intimidated and uncomfortable because of the weapon strapped to his hip in a family-oriented restaurant with lots of children present.

The negative feeling I experienced prompted me to leave before I was finished. I have decided that will be my course of action in the future.

I will leave any facility or area where I see people using open-carry. Sadly, with this new open-carry law it feels as if we’re experiencing a return to the Wild West of yesteryear.

Gary Miller


Reform immigration

To all Hispanic and black civil-rights and human-rights justice fighters, the Republican Party is retreating on efforts to pass a meaningful immigration bill for our young dreamers.

They’ve appealed to Congress in a fair and American way — peacefully and legally — and now Congress is doing nothing.

We have to do what we can to be united. The Hispanic and black communities have to be united in this effort. Enough is enough.

The Republican leaders are assured of more election losses in 2014, 2016 and 2020.

President Barack Obama, our families of color need your help. Our dreamers need the power of your office to ensure their safety.

Florentino Camacho Jr.

Former state director

Lulac Civil Rights

Kansas City

Creating jobs

The law of supply and demand is not difficult to understand.

If a resource is in short supply, its price goes up. That resource may be food, fuel, housing, labor, steel, cement, water or any number of things, including money.

Economists don’t speak of money. They speak of capital and capital markets.

Capital is essential for the expansion of any business. Money is needed for a new plant, new equipment or more labor.

Interest rates are a barometer of capital demand. When demand for capital is strong, bankers and other money dealers entice saving and prudent spending by raising interest rates.

Current interest rates attest to the ample supply of capital. When interest rates are less than the rate of inflation, it is apparent the demand for capital is feeble.

Why would a business expand when customer demand is anemic? As former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh said on CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” “Why would I increase employees when I have no customers?”

Missouri lawmakers seem not to realize that consumers not producers are the real job creators. Stimulating our economy through tax breaks for business owners is a fool’s errand.

If the quest for campaign donations or future employment is their goal, then they are on the right trail.

If economic growth is the purpose of tax reduction, then lawmakers should direct their efforts toward the consuming public.

Stanley Robinson

Princeton, Mo.

Bishop Finn must go

Bishop Robert Finn has refused to resign, in spite of his failure in the Shawn Ratigan matter.

Bishop, maybe you should resign because in the light of the history of child abuse by priests, you chose to move Ratigan rather than turn him into the authorities.

Maybe you should resign because your conduct reinforces the opinion of many within and outside of the Catholic Church that the problem is systemic.

Maybe you should resign because any other leader of an organization under the examination of public scrutiny who did what you did would be long gone by now.

After long deliberation, I have decided to stay with the church. Some have left, but I am not going to leave just because of Bishop Finn’s lousy leadership.

I have lost faith in him as have many others in the diocese. He needs to leave.

We need a new leader to bring the local church back together.

Michael Edgett

Clinton, Mo.

Indian mascots

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office pulled the authority for exclusive use of “Redskins” from Washington’s National Football League team. There are calls in Congress to rename the team.

Several years ago, the NCAA pushed for college teams using Indian mascots to change them. Several of the Indian tribal councils wrote the NCAA stating that they were proud of the use. The Seminoles and Illini were tribes that requested the NCAA to halt the action to rename teams.

Government office workers dreaming up politically correct ideas need to rethink what they do.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

Recycling needed

I recently attended a concert at Crossroads at Grinders. I was disappointed by the lack of recycling available for the many beverages sold in recyclable containers.

When I left, I planned on taking the bottle home to recycle it. Unfortunately, the staff at the exit would not allow me to leave with my empty water bottle, stating that all beverages must stay at the venue — even if it's only a water bottle, even if it's empty, even if you just want to recycle it.

Surely we can do better than this, Kansas City.

Ellen Edgar

Kansas City

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