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August 4, 2014

Letter writers express views on President Obama, UMKC, low wages

Letters to the Editor: The lack of public outrage over the unscrupulous attempt by UMKC to elevate the prestige of its School of Business expresses a very low public standard of honesty. Shame on UMKC.

Obama gets it wrong

President Barack Obama has one strong suit, as far as I can see.

He has cultivated an excellent ability to organize, as in getting voters to the polls.

But his knowledge of history and psychology is worse than nil. Yep, he fulfilled his election promise to bring our troops home from Iraq but he apparently was too slow to understand that where there’s a vacuum it will be filled.

In this case, our troops are virtually gone from Iraq so now dangerous extremists are making a strong comeback, and Iran is sending its troops into the fray. Evil has returned while Obama is out making campaign speeches.

Things would be even worse if it weren’t for those smart people who live in northern Iraq, the Kurds, who managed to take back some of the extremist-occupied areas.

What thousands of our fine American armed forces fought for — and for which many died — is now being undone because the president decided to withdraw our troops, leaving that vacuum for dreadful, evil, monstrous forces to fill.

Good work.

Thank goodness there was not an Obama leading from behind in England or the U.S. in the 1940s.

Eileen Lockwood

St. Joseph

UMKC rigged rating

The lack of public outrage over the unscrupulous attempt by the University of Missouri-Kansas City to elevate the prestige of its School of Business expresses a very low public standard of honesty (7-27, A1, “A misleading march to the top”).

Shame on UMKC.

Donald Hoffmann

Kansas City

Low-wage reality

I am wondering whether people understand how hard it is to make it on low wages in America? I would ask everyone to do the math before judging people for getting government assistance.

We, the people, are subsidizing big businesses that pay low wages to their workers, and until that changes we will have to pick up the tab.

I would also ask whether Americans think poor people are the only ones who might abuse the system.

Who do you think makes more money from government assistance — poor people or big business and big agriculture?

I suggest that Americans walk a mile in the shoes of a low-wage worker before making judgments.

Arthur Basler

Lee’s Summit

Kindness tops meal

I was one of four ladies having dinner one night, celebrating two birthdays.

We were having such a good time — a good meal, good conversation with a waiter who sang in Italian.

There wasn’t anymore we could have asked for, but then there was more. A gentleman paid our bill.

We want to thank him and we will pay it forward.

Jon Wilson

Kansas City

American pride

Show me one American who is willing to give up everything except his integrity.

Just one who will voluntarily endure the scorn of those he needs most.

Show me just one who will stand absolutely alone in the killing of America’s invaders and internal enemies. Produce just one who can’t simply adopt an attitude of sophistication in response to the destruction of his country.

The most palatable of our terrible alternatives is to murder Western tolerance and then to beat our enemies to death with its lifeless body. Let our descendants lay wreaths at a thousand memorials to our victims for a thousand years.

Cal Winter

Jefferson City

Vote for change

As long as I can remember, people have been asking Congress to pass a term-limits law.

Well, that’s never going to happen.

Career politicians are what’s wrong with Congress. They would never pass a term-limits law when the longer you’re on the job the more power-hungry you can become, not to mention the monetary gain from political action committees and lobbyists.

The main point is that we don’t need a term-limits law. We as voters have the power, if we would just use it at the ballot box.

Across the country, incumbents are being voted out of office as voters press for change.

So I say to everyone who wants change in Congress and to the moderate Republicans in Kansas who feel they have no options, vote out all incumbents.

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, vote for the underdog not the incumbent. Or if you’re a moderate, vote for the moderate of the other party.

This is how we, the people can take back control of our country.

Mike Crosbie


Flag-waving show

Our recent annual surge of patriotism, coupled with the re-emergence of former Vice President Dick Cheney to share his views on how the current administration has defaulted on the foundation he and his neoconservative cohorts established in Iraq and Afghanistan, causes me to suggest two things to those clamoring for the U.S. to do more in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine:

1. Don’t even think about doing what may be required to accomplish meaningful goals in these arenas on the backs of a mere 1 percent of the military-eligible U.S. population.

2. Raise the funds necessary to pay the bills when the actions are undertaken, not in some perceived rosy future, even if it means (gasp!) raising taxes on everyone, including the economically advantaged 1 percent. The price of greatness is equally shared sacrifice.

Just waving the flag doesn’t cut it.

Herman R. Bonett

U.S. Marine Corps


Lee’s Summit

KC VA hospital

It is about time that grateful patients of Kansas City’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center speak up in its defense.

I am a 91-year-old veteran of World War II, and I have received excellent care at the VA hospital.

I have always been treated with respect and courtesy. The VA doctors are excellent, and their technical staff is well-trained.

The parking lot holds 1,800 cars, and it is always full. Several times that many patients receive proper attention every day.

I marvel at how many veterans can be so well-served.

My primary doctor always has time to give me thorough examinations and listen to my problems.

I am pleased and grateful. My records are available to any VA hospital in America, so I can travel with confidence.

There is a great army of well-served veterans — men and women — of many wars. When millions are served, there are bound to be occasional slip-ups.

Fix the problems, and let’s get on with the care our veterans deserve.

Roger F. James


Finding joy in life

It makes me feel good to know that someone cares for me. And it is especially valuable when I’m under difficult stress.

I experience the feeling that love is an important part of life, and it is a mysterious power of strength that it brings to me.

I believe that we all enjoy and need a good laugh. It loosens us up and, for a moment, what a wonderful joy.

And when we are with a group, the sound of another can touch a funny bone, or as it happened to me something unexpected and funny was said in a silent classroom.

How hard is it not to laugh? We need to laugh and laugh often. How important it is to enjoy life, which includes doing something with a partner.

Enjoying a baseball or soccer game, finding the time to curl up and read, taking a mile walk for health — we can put our minds on joyful thoughts.

Day by day, we grow older, and it’s too easy to forget self and others and the happy and necessary obligations that we have in finding goodness in life.

Doug Sutherland


Immigrants’ housing

Our country is proposing a multithousand beddown somewhere in the nation to accommodate the children and their families flooding our borders.

How about putting it in Vermont? Maine? New Hampshire? New York? New Jersey? These folks are counseling the rest of the country on our moral obligations without working up a sweat over being part of the solution themselves.

Jerry Hughes

Kansas City

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