Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on water, Kansas, tea party

Aug. 31, 2015: If we were truly forward thinking, rather than worrying about getting sand tar oil to Texas by building the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, we would be building a network of desalination plants and a network of pipelines to carry ocean water as newly minted fresh water from the coasts to the nation’s breadbasket.

Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Missouri legislators, Hillary Clinton and cancer research

Aug. 26, 2015: So some Missouri legislators, including Republican Rep. Nick King of Liberty, think the solution for keeping their libidos in check when dealing with female interns is to require “a good, modest, conservative dress code.” Perhaps the General Assembly should consult with members of the Taliban. Their dress codes are pretty modest and conservative, and they do a nifty job of keeping women in the Dark Ages.

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