As terror lurks, the heart prevails

Violent political extremism combined with naked hate becomes a potent kind of virus, the sort that disrupts the human brain in ways most civil people on this earth cannot even fathom.

A lonely, tough existence for blacks in Guatemala

Livingston was a must-see place in this nation bordering Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize. Until Livingston, Bette and I were the only black people we saw in the country of 15.4 million. Livingston is where people who were part of the African diaspora live in Guatemala.

Increasingly perilous to ignore Syrian civil war

More than three years have passed since the war in Syria began. Since then, the human suffering has been incalculable. Other aspects of the conflict, however, can be measured, and the statistics are not only grim, they are ominous.

Overconfident liberals are blind to their biases

If all you have is a hammer,” the old saying goes, “everything looks like a nail.” Left unsaid is the fact that the real problem isn’t the possession of a hammer, but the certitude that all you need is the hammer. In other words, it’s a failure of the imagination — which is a kind of arrogance — that’s really to blame.

Veto the stingy Kansas school funding bill

Sleep-deprived Kansas lawmakers left Topeka on Sunday night not certain what they had actually legislated. Only now is the impact of the massive education bill becoming clear. And the more that’s known, the worse it looks.

After horror and shame, education and healing

Through his conspicuous regret of U.S. inaction in Rwanda, former President Bill Clinton has affirmed a norm: Those who fail to act in the face of genocide are harshly judged, even by themselves. In fact, policy choices in such matters are generally complex, as in Syria and the Central African Republic today.

Help police stop the rash of area road shootings

The last thing motorists should have to worry about is bullets fired at them from another vehicle. A reported rash of shootings in and around Kansas City is creating anxiety here and unwelcome attention nationwide. Quickly catching whoever is responsible is the best prescription for relief.

States could propose a change in the Constitution

The Goldwater Institute, the fertile frontal lobe of the conservative movement’s brain, would use the Constitution’s Article V to move the nation back toward the limited government the Constitution’s Framers thought their document guaranteed.