The Monday Poll results: Your views on social media and news

08/26/2014 2:55 PM

08/26/2014 2:55 PM

Our poll on social media and news offered some insight into reader behavior. Here are results of the unscientific survey, based on about 200 responses.

1) Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are useful because they alert me to important news and provide opinions and information I wouldn’t find otherwise: Strongly agree, 37%; Strongly disagree, 18%; I use social media but not for news, 45%.

2) Traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines and television, provide all the perspective I need: Strongly agree, 25%; Somewhat agree, 36%; Strongly disagree, 16%; Somewhat disagree, 22%.

3) Social media present important outlets for individuals to participate in news events and civic conversation: Agree, 23%; Disagree, 77%.

4) I’ve followed a variety of people and traditional news outlets on social media to keep up with events in Ferguson. (Multiple answers possible): Strongly agree, 8%; Only a bit, 21%; Have not used social media to keep up, 34%; I prefer non-traditional sources of information, 36%.

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