As a community, we must move beyond silence

There is much harder work to do in recognizing the real threat to society that exists in the shadows. As Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff remarked, there is great power at times in silence, but silence will not heal and “silence is no solution.”

As terror lurks, the heart prevails

Violent political extremism combined with naked hate becomes a potent kind of virus, the sort that disrupts the human brain in ways most civil people on this earth cannot even fathom.

Veto the stingy Kansas school funding bill

Sleep-deprived Kansas lawmakers left Topeka on Sunday night not certain what they had actually legislated. Only now is the impact of the massive education bill becoming clear. And the more that’s known, the worse it looks.

Help police stop the rash of area road shootings

The last thing motorists should have to worry about is bullets fired at them from another vehicle. A reported rash of shootings in and around Kansas City is creating anxiety here and unwelcome attention nationwide. Quickly catching whoever is responsible is the best prescription for relief.

Support the Westport school plan

Fortunately for the now vacant Westport High School and the community surrounding it, there are second chances. The Kansas City Public Schools board should reverse an earlier decision and sell the midtown building for a promising new development that would include a charter high school.

Kansas City Public Library earns a deserved honor

Like its fellow systems around the metro area and around the country, the Kansas City Public Library is undergoing a transformation in how it serves and reaches the public and how it will address and thrive in the future. A new national honor should tip off more residents to enjoy the library's offerings.

Kansas weekend theatrics can’t obscure state’s fiscal crisis

Even before a weekend of late nights and frayed nerves, Kansas lawmakers were in the throes of agony. They needed to find $129 million to correct unconstitutional school funding inequities. But thanks to a self-inflicted budget crisis with no end in sight, the road to $129 million was paved only with brutal choices.

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