The Monday poll: Should the minimum wage be raised?

The president has asked Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from its current paltry level of $7.25, though chances of that happening appear slim to none. On this Labor Day weekend, we want to hear what you think about proposals to raise the minimum wage.


Lawrence revs up a public art project

If the germinal phase of the “Ninth Street Corridor Project” is any indication, ArtPlace America’s recent $500,000 grant to the Lawrence Arts Center was money well spent. A spirit of originality, democracy and respect has permeated every step of the process.


Plan B could help improve KC ambulance billing

The protracted battle over who controls ambulance billing in Kansas City is far from over. That’s good news for taxpayers, who stand to benefit if a company called Intermedix can help the city bring in more revenue to cover the costs of rides for patients.

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