A ‘new’ KCI also should be convenient

Kansas City International Airport is beloved by many residents, mostly for its convenience, so suggesting major changes to it could be hard. But look at the issue another way. There’s simply no reason for the city or airlines — through whatever project they develop — to make it inconvenient for local travelers to use a renovated or new KCI, especially if they want voters to ultimately endorse the plan.


Gov. Sam Brownback embarks on unpromising Kansas tour about jobs and tax cuts

Gov. Sam Brownback is getting ready to go on tour to tout his pledge that Kansas can create 100,000 new private-sector jobs during his next four years in office. The governor also recently reiterated his promise to continue the state’s “march to zero” for its income tax rate. However, that goal appears unrealistic, based upon The Star’s review of job growth in Kansas and the rest of the country.


Sorry, Russ Welsh: Wooing new businesses is good for the Kansas City region

Attracting new companies and employers to Kansas City is almost always a positive thing. Most business leaders ascribe to this mantra because they they want to see the region succeed. But in recent days, a few lawyers in town, including Russ Welsh, chairman and CEO of Polsinelli, have grown concerned that bringing in competitors could bleed them of employees and create higher payrolls.

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