Ignore Sam Brownback’s attempt to exploit tragedy and rate judges fairly in Kansas and Missouri

With important elections coming up Nov. 4, it’s open season on judges in Kansas and Missouri. Poisonous attempts to use courts as political fodder make it imperative to understand their role. A judge’s job is not to please wealthy donors or a governor. It is to hear cases impartially and interpret the law wisely and fairly. Judges should be evaluated on the entirety of their work and not on one or even a handful of polarizing decisions.


Spark is mostly lacking in U.S. House races in western Missouri

Incumbents have the edge in three congressional races in western Missouri. They’ve got the money, the political bases and the momentum of holding office. What they might not have is much enthusiasm among voters. The Star’s recommendations are to re-elect Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District and Sam Graves in the 6th District and to vote for newcomer Nate Irvin in the 4th District.

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