Beset by troubling lapses, the Secret Service won’t be fixed with platitudes

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, who on Wednesay announced that she would step down, tried a day earlier to explain to Congress why problems persist at the agency charged with protecting the president. She wasn’t very convincing. No doubt Pierson tried her best to correct institutional problems, but she came up through the ranks, embedded in the culture that now fails. Sometimes it is hard to fix an organization from the inside.


Kris Kobach should stop trying to influence U.S. Senate race

David Orel, the Kansas City, Kan., resident who sued for his right to vote for a Democrat in the U.S. Senate race in Kansas, skipped his day in court Monday. His absence caused a judge to complain that the case had devolved into “political theater.” Which is pretty much what it’s been all along.

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