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Letters to the Editor


Positive actions to celebrate Earth Day

GOP lawmakers should pull back on attempts to undermine the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out its mission — created by a Republican president — to shield the nation’s air, water and land from long-lasting damage. The EPA, if anything, needs a bigger stick to carry in enforcing strong federal laws.

Tipster power leads to shooting arrest

As Mayor Sly James said at the news conference announcing the arrest of Mohammed Whitaker in connection with the series of recent highway shootings, it takes some bravery to report suspicious behavior or step forward as a witness. But it’s far better for all of us than living in fear.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Yet another reason to like the Boston Marathon

Runners start the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass., 26.2 miles away from the finish line, in a place filled with its own traditions. One of the best will occur again Monday. As runners shed hats, gloves, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other clothes used to keep themselves warm before the race, charity officials then pick up and reuse the clothing.

Lewis W. Diuguid

Guatemala must create more jobs and end poverty

All the while my partner, Bette, and I toured Guatemala, we wondered how life could be better. Topping the list, all groups providing outside intervention should “endeavor to walk a tightrope” respecting Guatemala’s people, culture and traditions. Often that doesn’t happen.

Steve Paul

Barbara Shelly

Kansas regents double down on repressive social media policy

The Kansas Board of Regents appears to be digging in deeper on curbing freedom of speech on university campuses. This week, a work group of university faculty and other employees found that the board's policy on social media has had a chilling effect on open dialogue in academia. The regents then confirmed what had been feared on campuses: The work group was windowdressing.

Research to reality, a life-and-death quandary

Peggy Battin, of all people, understands that life-and-death decisions are fraught with conflicts and ambiguity. Medical personnel give mixed signals. Loved ones don’t want to let go. Even Battin, after all her studies and intellectual wrangles, did not want to say goodbye to her husband, Brooke, when he felt it was time to go.

Mary Sanchez

NRA members need to step up on ending gun violence

For years, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been the best membership recruitment the NRA could hope for: a walking, talking, Big Gulp-banning embodiment of government overreach. And look what he’s done now, given the NRA yet another gift on the eve of their national convention.

Public Editor

Some accidental Swedish in The Star

An emailer caught a bit of gobbledegook in the TV grid: “NHL Hockey: Stanley Cup-slutspelet: Kvartsfinal 2:7.” For some unfathomable reason, that’s Swedish. Nothing wrong with such a listing in a Stockholm paper, but not in The Kansas City Star, please.

Is A1 coverage ‘glorifying’ F. Glenn Miller Jr.?

One of the most common reader objections comes when news coverage runs photos of accused criminals. Is picturing them the same thing as glorifying them? Even if Tuesday's front-page photo of F. Glenn Miller Jr. doesn’t glorify him or the crimes of which he’s accused, it’s putting a very provocative visual in readers’ faces.

Steve Rose

Anti-Semitism in Johnson County is not the norm

The murder spree that left three dead, as a man gone berserk thought he was mowing down Jews, has given Overland Park recognition for prejudice and violence, when that is the complete opposite of what Johnson County has stood for.

Kansas school funding bill is a huge win for Johnson County

Last week Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas Legislature made historic strides in bringing more local control to Kansas school districts, particularly to Johnson County and, specifically to the Shawnee Mission School District. They also made great strides for higher education, which has been lost in all the publicity about K-12 funding.

Syndicated Columnists

On Ukraine, lend this savvy Soviet great-grandchild an ear

President Barack Obama is wise to reserve judgment on Vladimir Putin’s sincerity, but a betting man would do well to put his money on Nina Khrushcheva’s crystal ball. Her understanding of Putin’s psyche is several notches above the talking points that news consumers have heard repeated ad nauseam.

Midwest Voices

More to a good life than college

Silas, our son, graduates high school next spring and is knee-deep in campus visits and SAT test prep. As he talks aloud about his own future, we hear his inner conflict: Do I pursue what I love? I’m not even sure what that is, yet. Maybe I should just pick a career that will make me a lot of money.

As I See It

Education agreement hurts Kansas schools

“Make no mistake: This is a pre-emptive effort by Gov. Sam Brownback to sidestep future court orders to properly fund our schools,” Paul Davis, a Democratic candidate for Kansas governor, writes of the recently enacted school financing law. “Despite new funding included in this bill, the governor is quietly setting the stage for lower school funding in the future.”

Attorney general asked to help guide Kansas City area after hate-crime killings

“The murders unexpectedly attacked this intrinsic prejudice against the other because it exposed our mutual vulnerability,” Rabbi Mark H. Levin writes in an open letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. “But we need you, Mr. Attorney General, to point us in the right direction, to instruct us that we cannot allow these innocent and righteous people to have died in vain and that we must now assume the responsibility to truly understand our neighbors.”

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