Angry families want GM prosecuted for defects

The families of those who died in General Motors cars with defective ignition switches want prosecutors to go after GM insiders responsible for letting the problems fester for more than a decade — and perhaps for covering them up.

Rewards of a political convention are wrapped in risks

Bringing the 2016 Republican National Convention to Kansas City would mean millions of dollars, invaluable publicity and a chance for a newly vibrant community to pop its buttons before the world. That’s the promise. It would also mean a beefy and expensive police presence, potential confrontations with disruptive anarchists and pesky logistical hurdles for hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents. That’s the threat.

Kansas lawmakers pass school funding bill that would eliminate teacher tenure

Kansas lawmakers late Sunday narrowly passed a school finance bill that ties reforms championed by conservatives to fixing a spending gap between rich and poor schools. The House and Senate passed a bill that spends $126 million to bridge wealth-based disparities in the school funding formula, strips teachers of due process rights and promotes school choice. The bill now goes to Gov. Sam Brownback to sign.

Kansas lawmakers approve small abortion changes

The Kansas Legislature has approved abortion legislation that addresses legal issues raised in state and federal lawsuits filed by abortion providers, avoiding a larger debate this year over proposals to ban the procedure early in pregnancy.

Kansas House passes school equity plan

The House plan, praised by Gov. Sam Brownback, is more generous and less controversial than a Senate bill passed in the wee hours Friday morning. A House-Senate conference committee is taking up the issue.

Medicaid expansion divides Missouri Republicans

An effort by some in the GOP to expand eligibility for the federal health insurance program, led by Sen. Ryan Silvey of Kansas City, will probably fall short this year. But it reveals fissures in the GOP blanket objection to anything related to Obamacare and may signal the possibility of a breakthrough next year.

Kansas legislators tackle school funding question

the Kansas Senate early Friday morning approved a plan aimed at fixing an unconstitutional funding imbalance between rich and poor school districts. The Senate voted 23-17 to support a plan that gives local school districts the ability to expand their taxing authority with voter consent but also added controversial proposals promoting school choice and blocking spending on Common Core academic standards.