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In tough debate, council OKs paying for Three Light garage, gets affordable housing

After a debate that turned bitterly personal for a few minutes, the Kansas City Council voted Thursday to build a $17.5 million underground garage for the developer of a luxury downtown apartment high rise. As part of the deal, however, the city extracted some concessions from Cordish Companies, including an agreement to convert the Midland office building to 100 apartments for low and moderate income tenants.


Here are six key things about KC's new $1.7 billion budget

It could be called the Kansas City Police, Fire and then Everything Else Budget. Continuing the trend of recent years, public safety (police, fire and municipal courts) outlays will grow by $14.7 million, consuming 42 percent of all municipal spending and 76 percent of the general operating fund.

Justice served? Public defender juggles more than 100 cases

In a December interview, public defender Laura O'Sullivan in Kansas City says she has more than 100 cases open amid a crisis among overworked public defenders across Missouri.
Keith Myers