Kansas City leaf/brush pickup starts April 14

Kansas City has scheduled its spring curbside leaf and brush collection from April 14 to May 2. On their regular trash pickup day, residents may place up to 20 bags or bundles of leaf and brush at the curb by 7 a.m.

Bob Sigman — Tea party embrace by Roberts is difficult to watch

The New York Times expose of U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts’ residency status is hardly a shock to Kansans. And even if there were concerns about where he lives, they have not been reflected in election returns. The Kansas Republican has been elected and re-elected to Congress, both the House and Senate, since 1980.

Science, technology, engineering and math: It’s a girl’s world, too

The issue is not that women are incapable of success in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — but rather that they are not exposed to it early on or can be intimidated by the male-dominated world. Throughout Kansas City, groups such as the KC STEM Alliance, Science Pioneers and Society of Women Engineers are working to show young girls that STEM careers can be as rewarding as they are fun.

To thrive in a digital age, libraries offer much more than books to attract patrons

The Espresso Book Machine at the new Woodneath library branch, which can produce 3.4 million titles on demand and each in a matter of minutes, is a symbol of the many ways modern public libraries are striving to remain relevant in the digital age. The Kansas City Public Library has dived into a wide menu of public programming. The Cass County Public Library is struggling with falling circulation, but it has creative offerings for children.

A curling stone and a broom is his last shot at the Olympics

I’m not tall or particularly strong. I have a normal aversion to great heights and extraneous speed on skis. My balance is ordinary, and I’ve worn glasses since middle school. Nobody is making a Disney movie about the plucky kid from suburban Connecticut. And yet, I have known since I was a boy that I could be in the Olympics. Because I have known that curling is waiting.