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BuzzChatter: Karl Rove denies he called Clinton brain damaged

05/14/2014 7:00 AM

05/14/2014 8:07 AM

Happy Wednesday to you.

• “I never used that phrase.” — GOP strategist Karl Rove

on reports

that he stated that Hillary Clinton had brain damage following a blood clot she suffered in 2012.

The New York Post reported that that’s exactly what Rove said. Rove insisted Tuesday that the Post was wrong and said Clinton went through a “serious health episode” that will demand attention if she runs for president. Rove is a master at raising doubts about a candidate while insisting he’s not raising them. Fellow Republican Newt Gingrich said later Tuesday that he was “deeply offended” by Rove’s remarks.

• “I look forward to the General Assembly fixing these drafting errors this week so that we may continue to keep our communities safe and dangerous criminals behind bars.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on a compromise that will allow a revised state criminal code to become law without his signature.

Nixon, a former attorney general, found a way to get the first rewrite of the state’s criminal code since 1979 into law. In an unusual arrangement, Nixon will allow the new code to become law without signing it while lawmakers prepare — and pass this week — a separate bill that fixes errors in the rewrite. The new criminal code reflects new priorities. It reduces sentences for some nonviolent drug crimes while imposing stiffer penalties in other areas like sexual assaults and drunken driving. State Sen. Jolie Justus, a Kansas City Democrat, was a central figure in the rewrite.

• “You make us proud, and you motivate all of us to be the best we can be as Americans, as a nation; to uphold our sacred obligations to your generation and all who have faced that `measure of danger’ and `the willingness to incur it.’” — President Barack Obama awarding the Medal of Honor Tuesday to Army Sgt. Kyle White.

White’s acts of heroism in Afghanistan are simply jaw-dropping.

• “The American political system is an utter catastrophe. Our democracy has been hacked. The country is utterly and completely paralyzed. Hog-tied.” — former Vice President Al Gore.

Gore said Monday that one reason the country can’t do more about global warming is because truth matters less than campaign dollars.


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