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April 3, 2014

Democrats attempt to tie Yoder to Paul Ryan budget

New online ad will show up on Facebook, Twitter

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For Republicans, the 2014 battle cry is Obamacare and how it’s damaging America.

For Democrats, the battle cry is turning to Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget that will destroy the middle class.

Back home here, the Democrats announced Wednesday that they would target Kansas GOP members of Congress Kevin Yoder and Lynn Jenkins with online ads that attempt to link the two

with Ryan’s spending plan


The ad features a photograph of the U.S. Capitol and the words, “Tell Congressman Kevin Yoder: Don’t sell out the middle class.” The ad also includes a link to a Democratic website about the “scandalous” Republican budget.

Similar ads are running in House districts across the country.

Ryan’s spending plan makes big cuts to safety net programs and other popular budget items, such as Pell Grants, education and job training. It also proposes a major shift to Medicare, which involves providing subsidies for private health insurance for those 54 and younger. That alters the “entitlement” aspect of the program.

Of course, Ryan just proposed his budget, and the House hasn’t voted on it yet. The Democratic Senate would never pass it, so there’s no chance it will become the law of the land.

But that isn’t stopping Democrats from going on the offensive after months of getting shellacked on Obamacare.

“Congressman Yoder’s new Republican budget is the clearest illustration yet that he is not on the side of Kansas’ middle-class families,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Yoder’s Republican budget rewards the special interests and the wealthy who need help the least, and does it on the backs of the middle class.”

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