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Group launches new attack on tax rates in Missouri, Kansas City

03/17/2014 5:00 PM

03/17/2014 5:16 PM

Kansans for No Income Tax a group first established and funded by Missouri anti-tax crusader Rex Sinquefield

is airing a new TV commercial urging Kansas Citians to move into Johnson County.

The groups website

also provides assistance

for taxpayers seeking a Kansas City earnings tax refund.

Heres the commercial. Analysis below:

The new ad, which is popping up on cable TV, is interesting on several fronts.

Kansas has invested heavily in convincing businesses to move to the state, including zeroing out income taxes on some businesses. It did so at Sinquefields urging, in part because of political philosophy, but also in part to put pressure on Missouri legislators to enact similar income tax cuts.

It isnt a secret that business growth in Kansas has not been as robust as Kansas officials predicted. Its also true that Missouri legislators are considering business tax cuts now as well.

Thus, a new TV ad.

Kansans for No Income Tax is a registered 501c4 company, and need not disclose its donors. But its last tax return lists

David Kensinger, a key ally of Gov. Sam Brownback

, as its president.

And, to wrap things into a nice bow, remember Rex Sinquefield is a bitter opponent of Kansas Citys one percent earnings tax.

The Kansas City metro area, it seems, is at the center of the Missouri-Kansas tax tangle again.


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