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History not on Democrats’ side in this mid-term election

02/26/2014 3:00 AM

02/26/2014 7:37 AM

Democrats in Missouri and Kansas have great hopes of picking up seats in this year’s mid-term elections.

Party members in both states are convinced that Republicans have over-reached, and that gives them a sizable opportunity.


history suggests otherwise

, and it suggests that in unmistakable terms.

In fact, Tim Storey, a political expert for the National Conference of State Legislatures says this:

“Since 1902, the party in the White House lost seats in legislatures in 26 of the 28 mid-term elections. The only exceptions being in 1934 when Democrats gained 1108 seats and in 2002 when Republicans netted 177 seats in the post 9/11 election.”

Click on the link for a chart that lays it all out. But Democrats, be forewarned: It’ll depress you.


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