Head of Missouri GOP slams ACLU gay-marriage lawsuit

02/13/2014 8:59 AM

02/13/2014 8:59 AM

The chairman of the Missouri Republican Party on Wednesday criticized a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union has filed

challenging the state’s gay marriage ban.

Chairman Ed Martin said the suit is an “Obama-like effort to gut the constitution of our state.”

He said the state’s voters had already spoken on the issue.

In 2004, Missouri became the first state to enact a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage with more than 70 percent voter support.

“To seek to have judges overrule the will of the people of our great state is not only arrogant but a waste of resources to our courts,” Martin said. “This suit is not about the issue of marriage; it is an Obama-like effort to gut the constitution of our state.

“This is a cut and dry issue for Missouri Republicans, both our national and state platforms are crystal clear on this issue. Voters matter and Missourians deserve elected leadership that supports and defends the Constitution they swear an oath to.

“We also deserve better than a governor acting lawlessly in using an executive order to circumvent our state constitution.”


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