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BuzzChatter Monday: Schumer trots out compromise on immigration

02/09/2014 8:24 PM

02/09/2014 8:24 PM

• “Now I think that the rap against (the president) — that he won’t enforce the law — is false. He’s deported more people than any other president, but you could actually have the law start in 2017 without doing much violence to it.” — New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, discussing a compromise immigration proposal aimed at breaking a congressional logjam.

Schumer’s plan calls for passing a new law this year, but not put it into place until 2017, the year President Barack Obama leaves office. The GOP’s concern: Obama wouldn’t enforce the new law. House Republicans immediately rejected it, but some are urging that the idea be considered again.

• “We’re here to send a message to our governor about the hypocrisy of a religious governor who won’t expand healthcare for the poor.” — Tina Trible

explaining why

she and her husband were protesting an appearance Saturday by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback outside Lenexa Baptist Church.

The Tribles were particularly concerned about changes to KanCare, the health care program for the poor in the state. Brownback responded that the new program gets more treatment to more people, although he acknowledged that the program has had a few glitches. KanCare is now operated by private providers, a move that is expected to save the state hundreds of millions over the next few years.

• “What I do believe is Texas is going to be a Democrat state within 10 years if we don’t change.” — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

urging the GOP

to become a more inclusive party.

Paul said his party needs to become more “welcoming” especially in a state like Texas, which is rapidly evolving. Seeing Texas leave the GOP column in presidential election years would be deadly for the party, which has come to count on the Lone Star State as an Electoral College anchor.

• “The president chose a delegation that represent leaders from various walks of life.” — former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano speaking on CNN on whether Obama was snubbing Russian President Vladimir Putin by not attending the Olympics.

She pointed out that Obama hasn’t attended any Olympic Games since he became president.


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