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February 4, 2014

Farm bill passes without Kansas’ Roberts’ vote

The farm bill passed the Senate and headed to President Barack Obama’s desk on Tuesday.

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The 2014 Farm Bill is on its way to President Barack Obama.

“This bill provides certainty to America’s farmers and ranchers, and contains a variety of commonsense reforms that my Administration has consistently called for, including reforming and eliminating direct farm subsidies and providing assistance for farmers when they need it most,” Obama said in a statement.

As expected, Sen.

Pat Roberts

of Kansas was the only no vote among the four senators from Kansas and Missouri.


Claire McCaskill

statement: “Everyone can find something in this bill to dislike, but that’s usually the mark of a good compromise, and I sincerely hope it’s the start to a trend to start curing the gridlock in this Congress.”


Roy Blunt

statement: “While this may not be the best possible bill — it’s the best bill possible right now.”

Roberts statement: “Unfortunately, I believe that Congress has missed the mark, and that the conference report goes backwards towards protectionist subsidy programs, instead of forward with innovative and responsible solutions.”

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