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January 14, 2014

Conservative group criticizes $20 million from DC for streetcar project

The Heritage Foundation is looking for what it considers to be pork in the catch-all spending bill. The streetcar qualifies; the biolab in Manhattan, apparently, doesn’t.

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The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, isn’t very fond of federal funding for Kansas City’s downtown streetcar


The foundation is scouring the $1.1 trillion catch-all spending bill, looking for examples of what it sees as wasteful spending and pork.

And the TIGER transportation program apparently qualifies.

Here’s what

the foundation says


“In FY13, $474 million in TIGER grants went to fund 52 projects, including … a $20 million trolley car in Kansas City, Mo.

“While specific projects are not funded in this omnibus bill, it’s guaranteed that this year’s TIGER grants will be more of the same: plainly local projects being paid for by taxpayers across the country instead of those that will purportedly benefit from them. It’s time for Congress to stop throwing good money after bad, and to limit federal involvement to the narrow set of priorities that are truly national in scope.”

Kansas City officials are expected to travel to Washington next week to lobby for more money to extend the streetcar project.

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