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January 14, 2014

Moran applauds biolab funding in spending bill. Will he vote for it?

The Republican senator from Kansas says the omnibus bill is good news for the Kansas homeland security project. Is it good enough to get his vote? That’s less clear.

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The $1.1 trillion catch-all spending bill making its way to the floors of Congress contains, as expected, $404 million for the federal share of the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kan.

That’s according to Sen.

Jerry Moran

, R-Kan.

“For those who have questioned whether NBAF will be built in Kansas, the passage of this funding bill will provide a clear answer: yes,” Moran said in a statement.

Does that mean Moran will vote for the overall spending bill? The release doesn’t say.

But we do know

Moran voted against the 2013 budget resolution

that set the cap on spending that the omnibus appropriations bill now fills.

So did Sen.

Pat Roberts

. Interestingly, Roberts was not a part of the Moran statement on the NBAF spending.

So we’re clear: a vote


the appropriations bill would be a vote not to fund the federal share of the NBAF project in Kansas. Without federal funding, the project would not be built.

The bill could go to the floor this week. We’ll be watching how House members — particularly Rep.

Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Lynn Jenkins — vote on the spending bill as well.

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