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January 10, 2014

No Kansas decision on schools

Some think the case might not be decided until the summer, after state legislators leave.

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The Kansas Supreme Court did not

issue a ruling Friday on the school finance case.

The judges’ decision — whether the state’s schools are fully funded, or not — could be the key issue of the 2014 legislation session in the state.

But there was a quiet whisper Friday that the decision might be delayed past this year’s session, thereby avoiding a messy constitutional showdown this winter and spring.

There’s no way to know if that’s the case, of course. Court decision are handed down when they’re handed down.

Any delay past the 2014 session would make school finance even a more important issue in the governor’s race, and state legislative races, of course. With a summertime ruling in hand, candidates would inevitably be asked for their position on it.

That would make the 2015 session pretty noisy. At the same time, it would give voters clarity as they head to the polls this fall.

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