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January 9, 2014

Charlie Wheeler to the rescue!

Former mayor and state senator helps woman who suffered a seizure

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A woman with epilepsy who suffered a seizure Monday credited former Kansas City Mayor Charlie Wheeler

with helping her through the incident.

As Fox 4 News reported, Wheeler came across the woman near the entrance to the Broadway Medical Building across the street from St. Luke’s Hospital. Jamie Struss was on the ground and had attracted a crowd around her.

Wheeler, 87, knelled down next to Struss.

“He was just very calming, and he made sure I was on my side, covered my hand with his and asking me questions to keep me alert, letting me know my son was OK,” Struss told Fox 4.

Wheeler, a medical doctor

who was in the news in November when he sold off memorabilia at an estate sale, said he simply did what he was trained to do.

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