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January 8, 2014

Davis reels in more than $1 million in bid to oust Brownback

House Democratic leader says backing came from all over state

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Democrat Paul Davis on Wednesday announced that he had raised just more than $1 million in 2013 in his bid to defeat Republican Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas in November.

The exact total, according to the Davis campaign: $1,002,839. After expenses, Davis had $770,611.

The number suggests the Democratic ticket worked overtime at year’s end to boost the total above the $1 million line.

The bigger question is whether Davis, the House minority leader from Lawrence, beat the expectations of political insiders who have been anticipating this number for weeks. Davis had to announce his total by Friday.

The thinking here is that Davis did meet expectations, and possibly exceeded them by at least a little, and this will give his candidacy a sheen of legitimacy as 2014 begins.

Brownback announced this week that he had raised $1.6 million, and he still had about twice the amount in his account that Davis did. A spokesman for Brownback, David Kensinger, dismissed Davis’ totals.

“We have three times the contributors and two and a half times as much money in the bank,” he said. “No candidate in state history has ever overcome a financial deficit this large.”

Davis’ campaign pointed out that the Democrat raised the money in just a few months since he jumped into the race. Brownback had the entire year.

Davis’ money quote from a release this morning: “Kansans in every corner of the state are concerned about the direction we are headed under Sam Brownback,” said Davis.

The campaign also provided these stats:

• 3,359 total contributions from donors in 175 Kansas towns and 65 Kansas counties.

• The majority of Davis/Docking contributions are less than $200; 64 percent of donors contributed $200 or less; 42 percent of donors contributed $50 or less;

• The majority of Davis/Docking donors are individuals. Only 4 percent of contributions came from PACs, corporations, or labor.

• 82 percent of the dollars raised came from Kansas donors.

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