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December 31, 2013

BuzzChatter Tuesday: Obama sounds newly confident about the life of his health care program

But he’s waxing philosophical about the girls growing older

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Here’s your final BuzzChatter of 2013. Now, don’t get emotional on me ...

• “On January 1st, our nation turns a corner on health care -- and we're never going back.” — President Barack Obama in a fund-raising e-mail for Organizing for America.

Obama’s point has been noted in this space in recent weeks. The president knows that come the new year, hundreds of thousands of Americans will begin receiving health care coverage. Taking away coverage that’s already in place will be tough for Republicans who continue to oppose Obamacare. Obama knows that the time to repeal the law would have been BEFORE it goes into effect. So that’s why he sounds newly confident about his controversial legacy.

• “They’re just growing up so fast, and they’ve got a busy life of their own. You can project out over the next several years how, between school, sports, social life, their community service, they’re not around as much. So that gets me teary sometimes.” — Obama to People Magazine about his daughters growing older.

The Washington Post points out that when the president vacationed in Hawaii before his first inaugural, his daughters doted on him. Not so much this year as the girls are doing lots of activities on their own. So...this separation thing happens even to presidents of the United States, eh? We at The Buzz can relate, btw.

• “Graham has appeared in the top 10 list far more often than any other man, making his 57th appearance this year. He has never finished first, a spot typically taken by the sitting president.” — The Gallup Poll in a statement about the Rev. Billy Graham once again making its 2013 “most admired” list of Americans. Graham is known as the “Pastor to the Presidents” for his meetings with chief executives going back decades.

Obama finished first for the sixth straight year, despite his recent troubles in the polls. Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman for the 12th consecutive year, though she captured 15 percent support this year, down from 21 percent last year.

• “The one resounding theme throughout these visits is that we are proud Kansans committed to our state and building good lives for our children and grandchildren.” — Gov. Sam Brownback on completing a tour of all 105 Kansas counties.

Pretty bland quote, but what’s he going to say? Visiting all 105 may not sound like that big a deal. Brownback is, after all, the governor, for gosh sakes. But at 82,276 sq miles, Kansas is one big state and ranks 15th nationally. (Missouri is 21st). So good for you, governor.

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