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When it comes to political donations, the Koch Brothers trump all

12/05/2013 2:55 PM

12/05/2013 2:55 PM

A new report

from the non-partisan OpenSecrets blog shows that political giving by the Koch Brothers is as strong as ever.

OpenSecrets determined that the Kochs are outpacing all other groups in giving to so-called “dark money” groups that aren’t required to disclose their donors.

In fact, at least one in every four dark-money dollars had links to the Kochs who control the Wichita-based Koch Industries, the country’s second-largest privately own company.

OpenSecrets’ bottom line:

“With most of the annual tax filings for nondisclosing nonprofits now in, it's clear that no other conservative or liberal dark money network matched, in combined size and complexity, the constellation of Koch-linked groups that churned hundreds of millions of dollars into elections around the country last year.”


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