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Millennials are unhappy with Obama

12/04/2013 2:57 PM

12/04/2013 2:58 PM

More bad news for President Barack Obama.

A new poll

from the Harvard Institute of Politics shows that many millennials wish they had their votes for president back from 2012.

In the survey, 55 percent of 18-29 year olds said they voted for Obama over Republican Mitt Romney that year. But asked if they could recast their vote, just 46 percent said they would back the president again.

Overall, 41 percent of millennials said they approved of Obama’s job performance compared with 54 percent who said they disapproved.

By wide margins, the nation’s youngest voters also disapproved of Obama’s handling of Syria, the economy (33 percent approve, 61 percent disapprove), Iran, health care and the federal budget deficit.

Only about four in 10 millennials said they would probably enroll in Obamacare. The 18-29 set is key to the program’s success because young people are needed in the program to support older folks who are more likely to need care.


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