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BuzzChatter Wednesday: Republicans say they need more information on the Boeing incentive package

12/04/2013 5:00 AM

12/03/2013 5:02 PM

• “Those are two huge key numbers that have to be answered before, I think, either chamber is going to be comfortable moving forward.” — Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones on the incentive package under consideration to attract the production line for the new Boeing 777X jet. Jones was referring to the total projected cost of the Boeing project and the projected return on investment.

Jones, a Republican, points out that Gov. Jay Nixon hasn’t disclosed those figures yet. It’s an early indication that even legislative leaders have big questions about this incentive package as the General Assembly begins its deliberations. Put the prospects for this package in the long-shot category. Insiders suggest there’s simply not enough time in the special session to sort out all the details.

• “We're back in it. We're going to take a shot at it. I don't know if we are going to be able to get anywhere.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in the Lawrence Journal-World announcing that his state, along with Missouri and others, will compete for the right to produce the 777X, too.

Just another reminder that Missouri has some stiff competition for these jobs. While the Missouri General Assembly is in session to consider an incentive package for Boeing. Kansas hasn’t made a similar move.

• “We’ve got a team of experts already working closely with issuers to make sure that every past and future 834 is accurate. We’re confident they’ll succeed.” — White House senior communications adviser Tara McGuinness on the news that one-third of the applications for the Obamacare program contain errors. The 834s are nightly enrollment forms sent to insurers to tell them who their new customers are.

Another blow to the midsection of the president’s signature legislative achievement.

• “Happy Holidays is what liberals say.” — saying on a mug the National Republican Congressional Committee is selling on its Web site and a T-shirt it had marketed.

Ha! The GOP might be right on this one.


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