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December 3, 2013

BuzzChatter Tuesday: Boehner explains why this Congress is the least productive ever

This Congress has, by far, passed fewer laws than any in U.S. history

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Here’s the Tuesday morning rundown:

• “Listen, we have a very divided country and we have a very divided government. And I’m not going to sit here and underestimate the difficulty in finding the common ground, because there’s not as much common ground here as there used to be.” — House Speaker John Boehner explaining why this session of Congress ranks

as the least productive ever.

The record is crystal clear: With fewer than 60 public laws enacted in the first 11 months of this year, this Congress has done less than any of its predecessors. Some might exclaim relief at this idea. A closer look would suggest that the House and Senate are falling short on all sorts of measures. This Congress ranks as an utter failure.

• “Never. Listen, for a guy who grew up mopping floors at my dad's bar, it's a pretty humbling experience.” — Boehner welling up with tears on “60 Minutes” when asked if he ever takes the Capitol for granted.

How unusual is it for the speaker to get teary on camera? Not very. Politico counted at least 15 times dating back to 2007. We sort of like that about the guy.

• “Every (Republican) senator is now on Twitter, which wasn't the case two years ago.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt talking about his work encouraging the GOP Senate caucus in Washington to adopt to social media.

Blunt has impacted the Senate in other ways since he won a close race two years ago to become vice chair of the Senate GOP conference, the chamber’s No. 5 leadership position. We’ve said this before: Blunt resurrected his political career with his much-easier-than-expected 2010 election. Look for him to quickly work his way up the ladder in Republican leadership, thanks to his 14-year career in the House. Who knows? Senate Republican leader is a possibility.

• “Stay classy, Bismarck.” — comedian Will Farrell on North Dakota’s KXMB-TV on Saturday night in character as anchorman Ron Burgundy. Farrell

popped in to do the news that night

and, surprisingly, played it mostly straight. But it still was funny. Farrell is out with a sequel to his hit film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”

The guy could turn the Gettysburg Address into a laugh riot.

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