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Roberts tees off on Democrats, Obama

11/21/2013 5:00 PM

11/21/2013 5:01 PM

Pat Roberts is unhappy.

Kansas’ senior senator, a Republican, sounded off Thursday on the decision by Senate Democrats to change filibuster rules to make it easier to approve judicial appointments.

A few of Roberts’ choice remarks from comments he made on the Senate floor:

• “Instead, in the face of the obvious failures of this President, and his plummeting approval ratings, the majority has decided it would be a really good idea to GIVE HIM MORE POWER.

“That’s right – the majority thinks our biggest problem is that the President just can’t do whatever he wants and we should change our rules to allow him to do that.

“That is incredible.

“The majority has permanently undermined this body, robbed it of a vital tool to check the untrammeled authority of this or any other president, so this sinking ship of an Administration can make whatever appointments it wants.

“What a tragedy.”

• “You know, Mr. President, in Kansas, when you walk old ghost towns, you will often see buildings where nothing remains but the façade. Literally, the entire building is gone and all that is left is the façade. To prevent that façade from collapsing, you may see beams propping it up.

“In recent weeks, this Administration has been exposed as a façade. It still looks nice at first glance – the slick campaign style appearances go on as usual – but when you look behind it you see that there is nothing there.

“It cannot perform the most basic tasks. It cannot even fulfill the responsibilities it has assigned to itself.

“It is collapsing.

“So now we, the Senate, are going to prop it up.

“The United States Senate, the world’s greatest deliberative body, has been reduced to a prop.”

• “We have permanently undermined this body, FOR WHAT?

“So this President can appoint a few more judges? And stack the DC Circuit who oversees the constitutionality of federal regulations? Yes, Obamacare regs, IRS regs, EPA regs.

“It is unbelievable.

“What happened today will surely lead to complete control of this institution by the majority.”

• “We have done permanent damage to this institution and set a precedent that will surely allow future majorities to further restrict the rights of the minority.

“That is not a threat, it is just a fact.

“We have weakened this body, permanently undermined it, for the sake of this incompetent Administration.

“What a tragedy.

“This is a sad day Mr. President.

“When the future generations we have damned by today’s action look back and wonder, “Why are things in such disarray? When did it go wrong? When did the demise of the Senate begin?” the answer will be:

“Today – November 21, 2013.”


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