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November 19, 2013

New poll shows that Obama is sinking fast

The president’s job approval is down, and his disapproval number has never been higher

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This is getting ugly.

President Barack Obama’s poll numbers keep slip slidin’ away and have now reached the lowest point of his presidency, according to a

new ABC News-Washington Post poll

out Tuesday.

The culprit: the rollout of the new health-care law.

Here is the painful truth for the president:

• Obama’s overall approval rating sits at 42 percent, down six points in the last month. This is a record low for Obama in the ABC News-Post polls.

• His disapproval rating stands at 55 percent, the worst of his presidency.

• Some 44 percent say they strongly disapprove of the way he’s handling his job. This, too, is the worst of his presidency.

• Opposition to the new health-care law also stood at record highs with a whopping 57 percent saying they disagree with it.

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