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Docking: Democrats, moderate Republicans are banding together

11/17/2013 5:27 PM

11/17/2013 5:28 PM

Democrats and moderate Republicans are attempting to form a coalition on a group of key issues to defeat incumbent Gov. Sam Brownback next year.

That was the message this weekend from Jill Docking, the running mate for likely Kansas Democratic gubernatorial nominee Paul Davis.

She told Wyandotte County Democrats that GOPers and Democrats are forming around a cluster of four key issues: taxes, public school and higher education funding, infrastructure funding and the integrity of the state court system.

The question, Docking said, is: “Do we have enough in common?”

The answer, she added, is yes.

“We have to coalesce this thing or we will not win,” she said.

But that means that the unusual coalition will have to overlook several key issues, such as guns, abortion and right-to-work.

If that happens, “We can win this race,” Docking said.

She then added a plea that supporters do more than they ever have before in terms of raising money, going door to door and general campaigning.

Docking said the tax cuts that Brownback and the GOP Legislature have adopted have failed to produce the types of jobs that the governor forecast a year ago.


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