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November 6, 2013

BuzzChatter Wednesday: Christie tells the world that he is conservative

Rand Paul seeks to put plagiarism charges behind him

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Rand Paul, Chris Christie and a crack-smoking mayor make today’s rundown:

• “I’ve governed conservatively.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

in a final interview to Politico

as New Jersey voters were going to the polls Tuesday.

We’ll know soon if Republican voters feel that way. Christie is expected to sling-shot from what’s expected to be an easy re-election win on Tuesday to a 2016 presidential bid. He argues that the nice words he said about President Obama after Hurricane Sandy hit his state have been misconstrued to suggest that he’s a moderate. The governor says that’s not who he is at all.

• “What we are going to do from here forward, if it will make people leave me the hell alone, is we’re going to do them like college papers.” — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

on plagiarism charges

that have dogged him in recent days.

The big question is where the ruckus will undermine Paul’s 2016 presidential prospects. The recent charges have clearly rattled Paul. But here’s guessing that in this new wild, wild West era of the Internet that voters will be forgiving of the charge.

• “At least 29 times, President Obama promised Americans that if you like the insurance you have, you could keep it under Obamacare.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican, introducing legislation that would allow Americans to choose any health-care plan they want.

This is another attack on Obamacare and, specifically, the president’s promise that Americans wouldn’t have to change health care plans under the new law. The president broke that pledge. But Moran’s legislation would undermine the new law and has zero chance of passing the Democratic Senate.

• “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.” — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to reporters, which brought to a climax a months-long saga that began with reports of a video that supposedly showed Ford smoking a crack pipe.

The conservative mayor is vowing not to resign over the revelation. But polls show that six in 10 want him to go.

• “Setting my feelings aside about it, this is not a good idea to say we want to change the historical record so we're going to airbrush this guy out because we don't like him.” — former CBS News anchor Dan Rather

on the news

that he won’t be part of CBS’ special on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Rather, who spent 44 years with the network, was on the scene reporting in Dallas that day.

Just how deep the split is between Rather and CBS is a source of continuing amazement. Rather’s work on the day of the shooting propelled his career and yet, CBS wants nothing to do with him in its coverage of the 50th anniversary. Rather reportedly held off agreeing to appear on any other network’s coverage in hopes that CBS would reconsider. When that didn’t happen, he signed up for Tom Brokaw’s NBC special.

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