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BuzzChatter Tuesday: The new book Double Down is quote heaven

11/05/2013 1:55 PM

11/05/2013 1:55 PM

Here they come. More intriguing quotes from the world of politics:

• “I like him ... in doses.” — President Barack Obama to an aide on Bill Clinton in the new 2012 campaign book

Double Down.

The book is getting all kinds of attention thanks to pithy quotes like this one. In a story from the book, Clinton kept the normally impatient Obama captive in the back of a limo explaining some point to him. You can imagine how well that went down.

• “You know, they’re going to kick our asses over this.” — Obama, holding a champagne glass, speaking to White House political director Patrick Gaspard the night Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. This also can be found in

Double Down.

You might think the president was misguided for pursuing this policy. But call him prescient.

•  “If it’s fixed, and when it’s fixed, that will decide whether the issue is a big issue next year.” — Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the chamber’s number-two Democrat, on the health-care law and whether it will become a liability for Democrats in 2014.

Durbin also said over the weekend that the law needs to be straightened out. “Fix it,” he said over the weekend. Democrats clearly are starting to fret about the impact of the law on next year’s elections.

• “I am embarrassed and angry at the actions of those who booed as the oath of office was administered to new members of the Missouri National Guard at Saturday’s football game between Mizzou and Tennessee. I attended the game, and the boos were clearly heard as the Guard members swore to ‘obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me.’” — Missouri state Rep. Clem Smith, a Velda Village Hills Democrat.

Smith was still seething on Monday, saying that “at no point” did university officials reprimand the crowd for this “inappropriate and unpatriotic act.” It’ll be interesting to see if university officials respond.

• “Got to check something off my bucket list today. I added twine to the World’s Largest Ball of twine in Cawker City!” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

Oh, the fringe benefits of being governor of the great state of Kansas...


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