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October 30, 2013

Next big day for the Davis-Docking ticket is...

...Jan. 10, when the next campaign-finance reports are due

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Kansas Democrats may have just a tad more spring in their steps this morning, thanks to a new poll that shows

their Paul Davis-Jill Docking ticket with a slight lead over the Sam Brownback-Jeff Colyer team.

Whether the narrow edge is more illusion than reality is what elections are all about, and most insiders think Brownback will be just fine, thank you very much.

Two things to consider:

1) The next big test for Politics 2014 in Kansas will be the Jan. 10 campaign reports that will demonstrate just how much firepower Davis-Docking will have moving through the year. The general thinking is that Brownback-Colyer will have unlimited resources, thanks to the ability of outside groups that are independently financed to spend lavishly on re-electing the Republicans (think Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, etc).

The Democrats will need to show strong numbers to continue their recent dose of momentum.

2) Martin Hawver of Hawver’s Capitol Report just pointed this out:

“One thing is for sure,” he wrote Tuesday. “There won’t be a 63%-32% victory for Brownback next year (as there was in 2010). The numbers just won’t be there because Davis and Docking will have more money to spend than did the Sens. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City/Kelly Kultala, D-Kansas City, ticket.”

The Democrats have a huge gap to close. It’s probably too much. But for now, we’re definitely looking at a race in 2014 that will have Kansans talking and the media engaged.

That’s a big change from just four years ago.

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