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Shutdown makes it harder for sales tax sides to check each other out

10/04/2013 2:49 PM

10/04/2013 2:50 PM

Could the government shutdown affect the campaign for the Jackson County research tax?



Federal Communication Commission

maintains a website that links to the public files of television stations, including those in Kansas City. Among other things, those files contain records of political advertising.

Normally, supporters and opponents of the tax could visit the website and determine how much air time the other side has bought, when, and what they paid for it. Reporters could also see how much of the campaign budget is going for TV time.

But the FCC website is down — a victim of the government shutdown. So the ad buys won’t be listed until the site comes back on line.

In the old days, political consultants would travel from station to station to obtain the sales information, and they can presumably do that again.

By the way —

Freedom, Inc., has issued a press release opposing the half-cent, 20-year, Jackson County sales tax.


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