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BuzzChatter: Nixon takes a shot at Sinquefield for trying to “buy democracy”

09/10/2013 6:00 AM

09/09/2013 7:17 PM

• “If folks like that try to come in and just try to buy democracy from you, it is not wrong to be upset about that.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon criticizing rich guy Rex Sinquefield, who’s spent millions pushing conservative causes in the state.

Sinquefield is a convenient target this week for Nixon, who’s trying mightily to kill a major tax-cut bill this week as lawmakers return for the veto session.


“You take an oath to uphold the constitution. Why would you want to vote for something that is unconstitutional? That is where I stand.” — Missouri Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard, a Joplin Republican, on the gun “nullification” bill before lawmakers this week.

Richard is the most high-profile Republican to come out against the gun bill, which would make enforcing federal guns laws a crime in Missouri. Nixon and others say the law is blatantly unconstitutional; many Republicans disagree. Richard predicted that Republicans will fall short in their override attempt on this measure and on a major tax-cut bill.

• “This is going to a be a very, very tough vote. I’m not sure the president can win it.” — a top Senate Democratic aide in Washington.

More bad news for the president on Syria Monday. Senate Democrats are said to be peeling away from President Obama’s position. The cause is not lost — yet.

• “I’m enough of a citizen to fight for my country, but I’m not enough of a citizen to vote in leaders who would send me to war?” — Derek Bruey, a Wichita State University student on Kansas’ demanding voter-registration system.

Activists like Bruey can holler all they want, but here’s betting a million or so that Kansas lawmakers won’t be altering the law anytime soon.


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