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Congressman invites infamous Missouri rodeo clown to Texas

08/14/2013 5:20 PM

08/14/2013 8:10 PM

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman on Wednesday invited the rodeo clown who stirred a ruckus at the Missouri State Fair over their portrayal of President Barack Obama to perform at a rodeo in his district.

Stockman, a conservative who represents a portion of southeast Texas, issued his invitation in the form of a news release to reporters nationwide.

“Liberals want to bronco bust dissent,” he said in the statement. “But Texans value speech, even if its speech they don’t agree with.

“From Molly Ivins to Louie Gohmert and every opinion between, Texans value free and open political speech. I’m sure any rodeo in Texas would be proud to have performers.”

“Disagreeing with speech is one thing. Banning it and ordering citizens into re-education classes for mocking a liberal leader is another,” said Stockman. “Liberals have targeted this man for personal destruction to create a climate of fear.

“The liberal reaction is straight out of Alinsky (considered to be the founder of community organizing). They want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama, even if it’s a rodeo clown with a harmless gag. The idea to create a state of fear and make people afraid to trivialize Obama. No one tried to personally destroy the rodeo clown who wore a George H.W. Bush mask.”


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